Volunteer hacked to death in Rohingya camp

Volunteer hacked to death in Rohingya camp
Volunteer hacked to death in Rohingya camp

Miscreants hacked to death the former Majhi (leader) of Rohingya Camp No. 18 in Cox’s Bazar, Zafar Alam. The miscreants carried out this attack while guarding the camp with volunteers. At that time they fired blank shots at the camp. The incident took place at H/51 Block of Camp-18 around 3:30 pm on Wednesday.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Farooq Ahmed of 8 Amord Police Battalion (APBN) confirmed the information at around 11 o’clock on Wednesday (September 21).

Deceased Zafar Alam (35) resident of Block H/51 of Rohingya Camp No. 18 in Ukhiya and son of deceased Badiur Rahman.

Farooq Ahmed, spokesperson of the 8th Armed Police Battalion assigned to the security of the Rohingya camp No. 18, said that at around 3 o’clock in the night, the Rohingya volunteers working in the security of the camp saw some miscreants and wanted to know their identity. At this time, they suddenly cut their leaves and left. Zafar Alam died on the spot. Two others were injured. One of the injured was taken to Chittagong Medical College Hospital in critical condition. The police continued the operation after the incident. He initially believed that Rohingya armed terrorists had caused this incident.

On the other hand, another Rohingya was injured in another shooting incident in Rohingya Camp No. 7 in Cox’s Bazar’s Ukhia late on Tuesday (September 20).

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Ukhia Police Station Sheikh Mohammad Ali said that a Rohingya named Halim was shot by miscreants three times in a row at Camp-7 at night. Later, he was rescued with serious injuries and sent to Chittagong Medical College Hospital. It is believed that this may happen due to dominance or prior enmity.

It is to be noted that the miscreants shot and hacked to death several block marshals and camp leaders who were on duty earlier in the camp. Rohingya volunteers guarding the camp in solidarity with APBN are also being killed. This time former sailor Farooq was killed. A Rohingya shopkeeper was shot dead two days ago. Rohingya miscreants called another person from his home and beat him to death.

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