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The price of a teacher’s job with primary is 7.5 million! Sensational information in ED’s charge sheet. Primary Teacher Recruitment every seat has been sold for 7.50 lakh this has come up in ed charge sheet

Piali Mitra: The charge sheet submitted by the ED is one sensational information after another. Now it is known that the job of primary co-teacher has been found in exchange of seven and a half lakh rupees. This claim has been made in the ED charge sheet. The Enforcement Directorate claims that this information was found in the statements of the people who got the job. It is also learned that the candidates are instructed to write only the well-known answers in the answer sheet. They are also instructed to submit blank OMR if they do not know the answer. It is known that this order was given by middleman Chandan alias Ranjan Mondal. ED has made this claim citing the statement of multiple witnesses.

The ED also informed that this recruitment scam was going on by using several middlemen. They also said a deeply corrupt system was in place. At the same time, the Enforcement Directorate has also stated in the chargesheet that evidence of depositing money in the bank accounts of several middlemen has been found.

ED investigators claim that this information has emerged in the statements of several persons who got jobs with money. In the chargesheet ED comments, it is crystal clear from the statements of the witnesses how a deeply corrupt system was operating by employing multiple middlemen. There is evidence of money being deposited into the bank accounts of middlemen in many areas.

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On the other hand, ED also found irregularities in the construction of Pinglar School. It is reported that Rs 14 to 15 crore cash has been spent on the construction of BCM School in Pinglar. According to ED sources, Partha Chatterjee gave the money to build this school.

It is also known that this school was built by his son-in-law Kalyan Bhattacharya on the instructions of Partha Chattopadhyay. ED claims that various information has been found by interrogating Kalyan Bhattacharje’s uncle Krishna Chandra Adhikari. But the ED summoned Kalyan Bhattacharya to find out the source of this cash. However, Kalyan, who is in the US, has not yet appeared before the ED.

Krishna Chandra Adhikari stated that he knew nothing about why the land was purchased in his name.

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