Open-top bus ready to welcome champions

Open-top bus ready to welcome champions
Open-top bus ready to welcome champions

The regret of the golden girls of Bengal is going to be fulfilled. The indomitable girls gave the football crazy Bengali a taste of dream come true. Now the whole country is going to fulfill the dreams of these girls. Sanjidara will ride the open-top champion bus with the Safar trophy to be soaked in the warm welcome of the patriots.

Damal girls of Bengal rewrote the history of Saf. Gifted the country the crown of excellence of South Asia. They have promised to give the country. Football crazy Bengalis have fulfilled their dreams with their indomitable courage.

Bangladesh’s midfield star Sanjida regretfully said before fulfilling the country’s dream, ‘Even if I don’t stand with the trophy in the open-top champion bus, I want to win it for the people who have helped us touch the green grass, leaving aside the tip of the society. ‘

That one line of Sanjida has created a storm in the hearts of the people of the country. After winning the championship, the general public also demanded an open-top bus for these girls.

Sanjida’s Facebook post was seen by State Minister for Youth and Sports Zahid Ahsan Russell. Later, with the joint efforts of the Ministry and Bangladesh Football Federation (BAFFE), an open-top champion bus was prepared for Sanjidad within a day. Sanjidad’s Dream Champion Bus is made by cutting off the roof of a double-decker bus at the BRTC Kamlapur Bus Depot, wrapping the same bus in the image of Champions.

Sanjidad's dream of champion journey will be fulfilled in this open-top bus. Photo-Collected

The bus is ready, waiting for the return of the golden girls of Bengal. That wait is about to end soon. The champion girls are scheduled to land at Dhaka’s Shahjalal International Airport on a Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight today at 1:50 PM. Sanjidara will reach the Buff office in Motijheel with the champion trophy by that bus from the airport.

State Minister for Youth and Sports Zahid Ahsan Russel will give a warm welcome to the champions at the airport before their departure. He will be accompanied by officials of the ministry and Bangladesh Football Federation (BAFFE). These indomitable girls who gifted trophies to the country will be welcomed with sweets and flowers.

After that, Sanjidad’s champion journey will begin. Sabina-Sanjidara will share the joy with the common people by carrying the champion trophy in an open-top bus.

When the champions reach the BAFFE office in Motijheel after the journey, BAFEF president Kazi Salauddin will welcome these golden girls.

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