2 thousand officers are waiting for promotion

2 thousand officers are waiting for promotion
2 thousand officers are waiting for promotion

More than two thousand officers in non-cadre quota are waiting for promotion from Assistant Secretary to Deputy Secretary level. Especially, many have already retired without being promoted to the post of assistant secretary. Many more are on the way.

But their quota is far from being fulfilled as per the dues, no one is being promoted on time. There is long-suppressed anger and dissatisfaction among the concerned officials.

In this situation, the meeting of the committee formed for the purpose of giving opinion on the reservation of the post of Assistant Secretary (Non-cadre) is sitting today. The meeting will be held under the chairmanship of Abdus Sabur Mandal, Additional Secretary of the APD Division of the Ministry of Public Administration at 10 am. 11 other officials from various wings of the Ministry of Public Administration will be present in the meeting. However, the victims are not very optimistic about these meetings.

Many of the Administrative and Personal Officers (AOPs) aspiring to be promoted to the post of Assistant Secretary told Yugantar that the committee had met earlier too. But nothing worked. They said that no such meeting was necessary to preserve the existing 267 posts of Assistant Secretary. Only documents are stored with approval. But now only time is being wasted in the name of meeting.

An administrative official said he qualified for promotion to the post of assistant secretary 15 years ago. Another said, he too has been waiting for 10 years. In this way, everyone is just waiting. They said that 1 third of the total posts should be reserved as quota for non-cadres. But who listens to whom? Cadre officers are now getting timely promotions at all levels. Even if there is no vacancy they are being attached month after month with promotion. But promotion does not stop. But all the excuses about filling the non-cadre quota. That is why the post of assistant secretary is still very less. Besides, there are 73 senior assistant secretary posts and 9 deputy secretary posts. Among the vacancies are 15 for the post of Assistant Secretary, 5 for the post of Senior Assistant Secretary and 2 for the post of Deputy Secretary. The process for filling up these posts has recently started after much delay. But everything is stuck in making Assistant Secretary. According to the recruitment rules, if an APO passes graduation, he will qualify to become Assistant Secretary after 7 years of service and if he passes HSC, he will qualify after 11 years of service.

Victims said that AOPOs may have been weak in terms of educational qualifications at one time. But over the past 15-20 years, that picture has changed. Now most AOPs are not just bachelors, but also masters-passes with honors. Besides, many have come directly through Public Service Commission PSC. As a result, a large number of those who did not get jobs in the cadre service due to various reasons are working very efficiently as AOPs in the secretariat administration. So it will be very unfortunate if their rightful post retention and promotion is delayed.

They said, ‘We cannot protest and speak for various reasons. After meeting with the concerned sirs and creating a little pressure, the file starts moving. After a few days it stopped again. But we feel that if justice is not ensured in the promotion dues, there will be no real speed in the administration.’ They lamented, ‘Many of the officers we got as desk officers are now secretaries. But we are sitting in that previous chair. So I hope, sirs will look kindly on us.’

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