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“Myanmar’s bullets hit Bangladesh by mistake,” he said 1185704 | The voice of time

“Myanmar’s bullets hit Bangladesh by mistake,” he said 1185704 | The voice of time
“Myanmar’s bullets hit Bangladesh by mistake,” he said 1185704 | The voice of time

The foreign minister commented that the shells that are being fired by Myanmar recently inside the border of Bangladesh are ‘by mistake’. AK Abdul Momen. The minister made this comment at a press conference at the Lotte Palace Hotel on Tuesday evening (September 20) local time in New York.

This press conference was mainly organized to inform about Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s program of the day. In response to the questions of the journalists there, the foreign minister said, ‘The border of that area is such that sometimes it is difficult to understand.


So that’s why they said they’re not targeting us here. One or two that fell (balls) are by mistake. We called them. They promised us to be more careful in future. ‘

The foreign minister said that the conflict that is happening is the conflict of Myanmar. Two groups of them are fighting there. And since many Rohingya live in the border area’s no-man’s land, there has been some shelling during the conflict.

In response to a question, the foreign minister said, “At the moment, we have taken a very strong position on the issue of Rohingya.” We have sealed our entire border. So that not even a single Rohingya can enter us here.

Abdul Momen also said, ‘You know that some people are going to China. He did not dare to come towards us. I have not been able to send back all the Rohingyas in the country. But hopefully they will go away. ‘

Meanwhile, in response to another question, the foreign minister said that the government has not been given any accurate information about the reasons why some officials of Bangladesh have been banned in America. Foreign Minister said that the government is working on the matter. AK Abdul Momen.

Bangladesh’s permanent representative and ambassador to the United Nations Mohammad Abdul Muhith and other senior officials were present at the press conference.

The article is in Bengali

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