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Two handfuls of afternoon tea on Chikli’s bill

Two handfuls of afternoon tea on Chikli’s bill
Two handfuls of afternoon tea on Chikli’s bill

No bird can fail to recognize the indescribably beautiful natural bill. Once upon a time, when winter came, the bird market used to sit on Chikli’s bill. Travelers flocked to listen to their chatter. He used to enjoy himself, he opened his soul and breathed in the pure air. Nature had no qualms in creating a pleasant environment for Chikli’s bill. In keeping with the pure colors of nature, this bill is now more attractive for the travel lovers. The spectacular Chikli Water and Garden Park has been built around the bill by private initiative. Day by day this park of Rangpur is becoming popular among travelers.
Birds in winter; Apart from this, everyone is coming from different parts of the country from time to time. Inhaling the scent of the beauty of the chicle’s bill. Holding two handfuls of sweet afternoon memories in memory and frame.
Where is Chikli Bill: The century-old naturally formed bill is located in the Hanumantala area of ​​Rangpur divisional town. The site of the now famous bill was once used as a landing station for seaplanes. The construction work of Chikli Water Park started in 2018 as a private initiative. Still 40 percent work is left. Yet travelers flock here regularly.
What you will see: The Chikli bill is divided into two parts for the convenience of travelers. A water park has been built to the south of the bill. There are also various water rides. Entry fee is 20 rupees. To the north of the bill is Chikley Water Gardens. Entry fee is 30 rupees. The resort is next to the park.
There are good facilities for the visitor to sit on the bank of the bill and enjoy the pleasant environment. Mini railways, jet skis, artificial water falls, toy trains, giant carousels and many other fun rides have been set up to entertain the visitors of children and adults. Bird’s eye view of Rangpur city can be obtained by riding the Charki. The beloved city can be discovered in a new way, in a new way. There are several canals here. Domestic and foreign colorful fish are kept there. Tell me who does not like to see the game of fish in the afternoon! If you want, you can go around this park by speedboat.
Basically the main attraction of Bill is the artificial shower. Even during the day, it is more relaxing to see this shower after evening. As the eyes are filled with the flashes of different colors, so is the mind. Apart from this, there are chairs or benches to relax and chat for hours.
Catering: There are five separate seating area restaurants inside the park. Apart from this, there is also an arrangement of delicious food outside. You can eat different flavors of food starting from Chatapti, Fushka and more.
Shopping: There is good news for those who love to shop. You can visit the park and do shopping. Because there is a modern clothing store inside. From children to all ages there are clothes of different colors and styles. the little ones
Bahari design clothes, women’s salwar-kameez, lehenga along with sarees. There are men’s t-shirts, Punjabi too.
Clothing starting from 200 to a maximum of 10 thousand rupees can be bought here. How to buy in the bill – this is thinking! If so, shake it off. There is so much arrangement here that you can easily shop to your heart’s content.
How to go: You can go to Rangpur by bus from Dhaka. Dhaka to Rangpur AC and non-AC bus fare can be 500 to 1 thousand 300 Tk. You can also go by train and local bus. The rent will be comparatively less.
Hanumantala is located in the heart of Rangpur city. There are two ways to reach this bill from the city. In one way, Bangladesh Betar has to come from Rangpur center via Sagarpara. If you come this way, you can come to City Chikli Park first.
On the other hand, the entrance to the Chikli Water Park will be on the left after crossing the Hanumantala Bazar in front of the City Police Line School and College.
You can easily get around from the city by rickshaw or auto. The fare will be Tk 10 per person. The park also has ample parking space. So you can bring a private or rented car.
The Pranajudran bill covers an area of ​​5 and a half acres. Lease taken for 30 years. Finally, if you don’t sit on the edge of the bill and watch the sunset in the golden light of twilight, you will miss a lot. You can be immersed in the light of the sun falling in the clear water and you can drift away in your imagination. The mind will also be cheerful in the company of flowers and green plants.
There is no doubt that Chikli Water Park will be the perfect place to spend a lovely afternoon with family, friends and loved ones. As the surroundings will touch your mind, so will the fascination.

Photo: Haider

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