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They have a plan to sell land at a higher price to the government

They have a plan to sell land at a higher price to the government
They have a plan to sell land at a higher price to the government

The government has taken various initiatives to spread higher education across the country. As part of this, the first public university of the district is also being established in Sunamganj. Specific areas have been earmarked for the new campus. In the meantime, the district administration has started the work of land acquisition there. And an influential group has become active in that. They want to buy the land earmarked for Sunamganj Science and Technology University from the locals at a low price and sell it to the government at a high price.

And after realizing this matter, the district administration has written to the sub-registrars of Sunamganj Sadar and Shantiganj Upazila on Monday, prohibiting the registration of land at a high price in Kathir of the district headquarters and Joykals Mauza of Shantiganj.

On September 17, the district parliamentarians along with the planning minister determined the land for the university at Kathir of Laxmanshri union of Sunamganj Sadar upazila and Jaykals Mauza of Jaykals union of Shantiganj upazila. Earlier, on the instructions of the Prime Minister’s office, the Deputy Commissioner selected the land and informed the parliamentarians.
About 35 acres of land was acquired for Bangabandhu Medical College three years ago in Kathir Mauza of Laxmanshri Union of Sadar Upazila. The campus construction of Bangabandhu Medical College is nearing completion. Recently, the land value of Sunamganj University of Science and Technology in the same mauza and the neighboring Jayakals mauza has increased. 75 acres of land of those two mouzas will be acquired for the university.

Hearing this news of land acquisition, a group has become active to trade land with the government. Now they want to do business with the government by buying the land they want for the university at a low price. Knowing the matter, Deputy Commissioner Jahangir Hossain wrote to the sub-registrar of Sunamganj Sadar Upazila and the sub-registrar of Shantiganj on Monday.

In the letter, the Deputy Commissioner mentioned that since the land will be acquired by the government in these two mouzas, no land can be registered there at a high price.

According to the responsible sources of the registry office, the value of the land determined by the government in Kathir Mauza is 4 thousand 162 taka per percent for boro land, 14 thousand 300 taka for aman land, 85 thousand 281 taka for house and pond, 9 thousand 438 taka for seedlings and 15 thousand taka for pond.
House and pond in Jaykals Mauza 36 thousand 141 taka, saplings 20 thousand 367 taka, aman 52 thousand 126 taka and like fallow land 1 thousand 279 taka.

A group is trying to collect additional compensation from the government by showing the land registry at a price higher than the price fixed by the government.
Local Laxmanshree Union Parishad Chairman Abdul Odud said that such an attempt was also made during the acquisition of the land of Bangabandhu Medical College. This time, after hearing the news about the acquisition of land by the University of Science and Technology, some people took action.
District Deed Writers Association President Pradeep Pal Nitai said, We have also been given a letter on Monday regarding the letter of the District Commissioner, so that we should be careful about it.

Former General Secretary of Shantiganj Upazila Deed Writers Association Noor Alam said that the registrar was informed on Monday for not showing the land deed at a high price in Jaykals Mauza.

District Commissioner Md. Jahangir Hossain said that it has been decided to acquire 75 acres of land for Science and Technology University. We proposed more acquisitions. If instructions are received, more acquisition will be done, or 75 acres of land will be acquired soon. Registrars are prohibited from registering land at a higher price than the fixed price so that no one can do business with the government in paying compensation for land acquisition. This instruction should be followed to preserve the interest of their government.

The article is in Bengali

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