Former White House lawyer warns Trump about keeping files – Amrita Bazar

Former White House lawyer warns Trump about keeping files – Amrita Bazar
Former White House lawyer warns Trump about keeping files – Amrita Bazar

One often hears, “Ignorance of the law is no defense,” and this is certainly true. However, in potential charges against Trump of espionage, obstruction of justice or illegal withholding of documents, prosecutors must prove intent and Trump’s mental state, which can be difficult in these types of cases. Furthermore, it doesn’t take a lawyer to understand that if someone is considering indicting a former president, it must be based on overwhelming evidence that is almost irrefutable. To this end, the DOJ has more critical and irrefutable evidence. The NYT reports that former White House counsel and post-election hero Eric Hershman warned Trump about keeping the documents:

President Donald J. Trump’s one-time White House lawyer warned him late last year that Mr. Trump could face legal action if he did not return government materials he took with him when he left office, three people familiar with the matter said.

Attorney Eric Hershman, Tried to convey the seriousness and potential of the issue to Mr. Trump The people said investigations and legal disclosures would follow if he did not return the documents, particularly any classified material.

“I wanted to impress Mr. Trump…” It seems Hershman, despite everything he had with Trump, was still “trying” to save Trump from himself and get the documents back. That means Trump has given up, and that’s consistent with the evidence we already know.

One of the strongest elements of the Justice Department’s investigation and search warrant is evidence that Trump repeatedly faced a choice between doing what was right, handing over the files and keeping them, or doing what he knew was wrong. own goals Despite what most people would consider his “last chance,” Trump knowingly broke the law for his own purposes. It is a testament to his mood and purpose.

We have yet to see or hear any evidence of Trump’s possible plans for the dossier. Trump’s motivations could range from a dangerously secular “need to feel important and keep the office cool” to a Rosenberg-type situation where Trump wants to take this critical and highly classified information and sell it to the highest bidder. we don’t know But the clearer the evidence of these “junctions,” or turning points, where Trump knew he could face dire consequences and still took all the risks, the stronger the case against Trump. This evidence also raises doubts that Trump had a specific, serious, and recklessly dangerous motive for withholding the information.

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