How will Pisces day be, September 21, 2022

How will Pisces day be, September 21, 2022
How will Pisces day be, September 21, 2022

The son of Angira, the sage of the gods, is Lord Brihaspati. The apna kshetra of Jnanayogi Brihaspati and the Tungakshetra of Karmayogic consumer Daityaguru Shukracharya is Pisces.

Therefore, the natives of this sign have a strong sense of truth, devotion to duty and idealism. They want to perpetuate the spiritual feeling at every level of the mind.

Daityaguru on the other hand taught that sacrifice should be gained through action. But by denying consumerism nothing can be gained in sacrificialism. Want enjoyment, creation, pleasure, sensual pleasure for physical gratification.

It is this development of sattva and rajoguna that blossoms in Pisces natives. Religion has the right not only to sacrifice but also to enjoy in full measure.

If this sign is afflicted by a malefic in the birth chart, all sattgunas are destroyed. Then the mind that craves for enjoyment does not find its true character.

If there is an influence of auspicious planets on the horoscope, the native’s mind, character, family life and other matters become useful and beautiful from all sides.

How will the day pass today: There will be strong mental anxiety regarding family, financial and work. Any communication will be lost. Someone will be disliked. Pollution will be created. Help and emergency advice may be sought from a familiar adult. Expenditure will increase more than income. One’s request must be kept despite reluctance. Physical majesty will appear. Go for a walk somewhere. Unnecessary misunderstandings and turmoil will arise in the field of love affairs.

What to do to be better: Every Thursday, let a child eat whatever he wants. Doing this will reduce the suffering of the whole year.

What color to wear: Try to use more white and yellow clothes to keep yourself beautiful and happy overall. These two colors will increase money and honor. You can use any of those two colors at home.

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