14 whales died on the beach

14 whales died on the beach
14 whales died on the beach

14 whales have died after being stranded on a beach in Australia. All the dead are known to be humpback whales.

The whales died when they washed ashore, Tasmania’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment said on Tuesday (September 20).

Locals discovered whale carcasses on King Island in Tasmania. Later on Monday afternoon they informed the authorities about the matter.

The largest species of toothed whale is the sperm whale. This species of whale is 18 meters long and weighs up to 45 tons.

A wildlife scientist and a veterinarian have been dispatched to find out how the whales got stranded on the beach.

Whale strandings are not uncommon in Tasmania. Experts say the island is notorious for such incidents.

Wildlife scientist Vanessa Pirotta said, “The dead whales are probably juveniles and males. Maybe they were in trouble.”

“Sperm whales prefer to stay deep in the ocean,” he added. They do a lot of diving. We don’t know anything about dying on the beach. It remains a mystery.”

“The whales may have been going the wrong way,” said the zoologist. Either a sick or a disoriented leader follows the leader into shallow water and is shocked.”

Earlier, 360 pilot whales were stranded on the west coast of Tasmania, Australia. 111 whales were rescued alive from there.

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