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Winners welcome today 1185634 | The voice of time

Winners welcome today 1185634 | The voice of time
Winners welcome today 1185634 | The voice of time

Saf Football Champion: Yesterday morning everyone came down to the hotel lobby. Sitting there, Sanjida-Maria-Krishna are having fun, talking about the title night. A little later they will go out to visit the city of Kathmandu. Photo: Mir Farid

At night Golam Rabbani Chotan could not close his eyelids. How can you! Day after day, year after year, the dream that you have run tirelessly to achieve, has finally caught it. Sanjida Akhtar was asked about the celebration. The winger replied, ‘Danced on the field, danced in the car, danced back at the hotel…spent the whole night like this.


The cake is cut, someone sings; Who amused as he could. ‘

On this day, permission was given from the team management to ‘do whatever you want’. Maria-Shamsunnahara danced to the tune of Caribbean cricketer Dwayne Bravo’s song ‘Champion’. Since stepping foot in Kathmandu, the girls could not go beyond football on their feet and opponents on their heads. A long journey of about 20 days. The struggle, the pressure, the preparation, the excitement—since yesterday evening, all of this has evaporated into the joy of victory.

Sabina-Krishna spent the whole day yesterday in Kathmandu so relaxed and happy. They are floating in praise and praise on social media. In the morning, Sanjidad was also seen enjoying them on his mobile phone in the hotel lobby. The group then went out for shopping. Wherever they went, the girls received warm greetings from Nepalis. In the evening attended the reception and dinner at the Bangladesh Embassy in Kathmandu. There was another round of singing and dancing. They will touch Dhaka with the trophy at noon today. Sabina is scheduled to reach the airport at 1:50 PM.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Youth and Sports opened the roof of a double-decker bus of BRTC and prepared it for the parade of champions. State Minister Zahid Ahsan Russell will receive them at the airport. The girls will then take the trophy and come to the Bangladesh Football Federation building in Motijheel. There, BAUF President Kazi Salahuddin will welcome them again. The bus will go from the airport via Banani, Mohakhali, in front of the Prime Minister’s office, and take a left through the Vijay Sarani flyover. The footballers will reach Bafufe Bhavan via Tejgaon, Kakrail, Fakirapool, Arambagh.

In her emotional Facebook status, Sanjeeda brought up the topic of open-top bus celebrations. Wrote – No matter what, only those who stood by girls’ football in difficult times, want to win the trophy. Sanjidara has given away that trophy rightly. Then open-top bus if not to celebrate! Today is the day to welcome the champions.

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