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Jubo League worker slaughtered in front of father: photo of accused with A.League leader Mofswal

Jubo League worker slaughtered in front of father: photo of accused with A.League leader Mofswal
Jubo League worker slaughtered in front of father: photo of accused with A.League leader Mofswal

A Jubo League activist named Shahidul Islam Akash (30) was publicly slaughtered in Mirsrai, Chittagong. In this incident, the situation is prevailing in the area.

On Monday (19 September) evening, Akash was killed by bringing out the furniture shop owned by him at Chinkir Hut of Hinguli Union of the upazila, butchering him publicly in front of his father and later slaughtering him.

Akash is the son of Nurul Islam of Miji Bari of East Hinguli village of Hinguli Union of Upazila.

The police could not arrest anyone in the incident till 4:30 pm on Tuesday (September 20). According to the police, a case has not been filed with the police on behalf of the family of the deceased. The police have identified some of the people involved in the incident.

On Tuesday (September 20), Sarezmin went to Akash’s house and the screams of the victim’s mother could be heard from afar. There was a meal arrangement for those who came to the funeral by pulling the awning in the courtyard.

But still none of them are sure when the body will come home after the autopsy.

Nurul Islam, the father of the deceased Akash, narrated the incident of his son’s murder and said, ‘5 minutes before the incident, my son (Akash) gave me two hundred rupees for the house expenses. I was having tea at a tea shop across the street with the money. Then Maghrib prayer is over. Suddenly, 12 to 14 people, including Mamun, Iqbal, Motaleb, Mokhesh, Milan, Raju and Arif, the identified terrorists of the area with knives and rams, dragged Akash out of the shop and first held him in Kopa. I myself tried repeatedly to save my son but could not. At the end, the killer Mamun slaughtered Akash on the ground.’

Nurul Islam claimed that her son was killed in a planned manner. Those who were openly involved in the murder are the people of Sona Mia, the chairman of the local Hinguli Union Parishad and the president of the Hinguli Union Awami League.

Explaining the reason for killing Akash, he said, ‘Because of my son, many people in the area could not engage in extortion and drug dealing. For this, my Akash was brutally murdered by these mercenary terrorists in exchange for money.’

Akash’s father said, Mamun wanted to kill my son even inside the jail.

A businessman in Chinkir Hut said on condition of anonymity that the killing was led by terrorist Mamun. The deceased Akash and Mamun were in the same group. Later they were not built due to various reasons. Since then enmity developed between them. Earlier in 2018, Mamun attacked Akash with his team. Even then the sky survived to die.

He said, five days ago, Mamun was released from jail on bail. Extortion started in the whole Islampur village after coming. Akash was also in jail. He got bail last July.

The businessman also said that a rich expatriate is involved in this murder. Everything will come out if the police investigate properly.

He looked quite nervous as he spoke to this reporter.

However, Hinguli Union Parishad chairman and local union Awami League president Sona Mia denied her relationship with the accused Mamun and others and said, ‘I have become a chairman from a member. I became the president of the party. These are not tolerated by many. So they are trying to spread this propaganda against me. I have nothing to do with anyone involved in the murder.’

After the murder on Monday evening, a picture of Mamun, who led the murder of 10-case accused and Jubo League activist Akash Khun, and chairman Sona Mia cutting the cake closely went viral on social media Facebook.

In the special moment of cutting the cake with Mamun, UP Chairman Sona Mia said about this picture, ‘Brother, I don’t remember on which occasion I cut the cake. But if I cut the cake, my eyes were on the cake. I am not supposed to know that he stood by.’

When Akash’s father was talking to this reporter at around 12:30 on Tuesday, relatives including mother Hosne Ara Begum were standing on the balcony of the house mourning.

At that time it was known that Akash is the only son in the family, Akash has two sisters. They are married. The deceased Akash was married for only 3 years. Wife Rasheda Akhter has a one-and-a-half-year-old daughter named Suraiya Jannat Anika.

OC Nur Hossain Mamun of Zorarganj police station in Mirsarai said at around 4:30 pm on Tuesday, ‘no one has been arrested in this incident. The family of the deceased has not yet filed a case with the police. However, we have been able to identify some people connected with the murder. I will tell the rest after their arrest.’

When asked whether there is any case in the police station against the person named Mamun, whose name has come up in the complaint of the deceased Akash’s father, the OC said, ‘We have the information of at least 10 cases against the Mamun you are talking about, including extortion, robbery, women abuse. However, there are many cases including fights against the deceased Akash.

The article is in Bengali

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