When is the ‘Prison Part 2’ coming?

Indian streaming platform Hothai has completed five years. Season 6 was announced on Tuesday night. And today the streaming schedule of the second episode of the Bangladeshi series ‘Karagar’ was announced!

On this day Hochhai announced several web films and series in Kolkata and Dhaka. In addition to Kolkata, many awaited contents of Dhaka were announced by Hochihai. Meanwhile, the announcement of the second episode of Syed Ahmed Shawqi’s Jail, streaming in August.


The audience will be able to watch the second episode of ‘Karagar’ in coming December. However, the date of December was not announced.

Two years after ‘Taqdeer’, the chemistry of Chanchal Chowdhury and Shawki duo was resonating. Everyone is praising the clean construction of the ‘jail’. Everyone is talking about ‘Karagar’ by analyzing everything from the style of storytelling, great acting, camera work, background music, color scheme. Especially in this series Chanchal Chowdhury’s character and his performance full of fascination!

325 prisoners in Akashnagar Central Jail. One day during the head-count, an extra inmate was found out of count. Fewer prisoners is a matter of concern, more is a matter of concern. Who is this prisoner? And the cell that has been closed for the past 50 years, how did it come to cell number 145! Many other stories have emerged with the revelation of this mystery!

Afzal Hossain, Intekhab Dinar, Bijri Barkatullah, Tasnia Farin, FS Naeem, Shatabdi Wadud, Jayant Chattopadhyay, AK Azad Setu and many others acted along with Chanchal Chowdhury in the lead role.


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