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The market of Pirojpur is full of large hilsa, the price is still high

The market of Pirojpur is full of large hilsa, the price is still high
The market of Pirojpur is full of large hilsa, the price is still high

Large hilsa fish are being caught in the nets of the fishermen in the river in the coastal district of Pirojpur. A lot of hilsa is being sold in Hatbazar, Bandar and Ferighat of the district. Even in the rainy season last year, such a large hilsa was not caught in the net. This year, larger hilsa than jatkar can be seen in the market, but common people cannot afford to buy it. In the market, hilsa weighing 2 kg is selling at Tk 2,000, hilsa weighing 1.5 kg is Tk 1,400 to Tk 1,500, and Hilsa weighing one kg is Tk 1,200 to Tk 1,300 per kg. Jatka is sold at Tk 600 per kg.
Going to Bhandaria Charkhal Ferighat, it is seen that the fishermen are bringing big hilsa to the wholesalers. The smile on the face of the fishermen and the look of satisfaction in their eyes. Golam Mostafa Jamaddar, general secretary of Sadar Upazila’s Badura Parerhat Matsya Artaddar Samity, said that fishermen are getting big hilsa in local rivers. However, small hilsa are caught in the nets of sea fishermen. A festive atmosphere prevails in the fishing village.
Shahidul Islam, a resident of Bothla village, a hilsa seller at Mardashi Hat in Paschim Pasharibunya, said that they bring a lot of large hilsa to the market, but because the price is high, people with low income cannot buy this hilsa. The fun of big hilsa is different.
On condition of anonymity, some fishermen of Charkhali, Telikhali and Darulhuda villages said that the fishermen are hostage to the fish smugglers. Mandatory fish has to be given to the person from whom he has taken the donation. He pays the price of hilsa as he wants. Fishermen do not get fair price. All the moneylenders have to come to the shore to catch fish all day and pour it into the basket.
When asked to know the reason for the sudden large hilsa fish being caught in the local river, Pirojpur District Fisheries Officer Abdul Bari said, due to the administrative activities for the conservation of jatka, the hilsa has got an opportunity to grow this time. Now the big hilsa are mother hilsa, eggs in their belly. Now all those fish have started coming from sea salt water to fresh water to hatch their eggs. For this, local fishermen are able to catch. However, the hilsa fishing blockade will start for 22 days from October 7.

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