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A joke about a joke

A joke about a joke
A joke about a joke


Bengalis are funny people. Loves both telling and hearing jokes. Of course, the object of their jokes is always someone else. Being able to make fun of yourself is a high-minded thing. Not everyone can do that. Those who can, they can. They are different.

Never mind Bob Hope. American comedian, singer, dancer, wrestler and author. In his career spanning over 80 years, he has worked in 70 short and feature films. Out of these 54 feature films have starred in Shrestha. Presented the Academy event maximum 19 times. He has also acted on stage and television and authored 14 books.

A beauty pageant was asked, who is the best person in the world? Each one said the name of a great man. A beautiful woman answered, Bob Hope. Because, Bob Hope makes the whole world laugh by laughing at himself.

Bob Hope used to joke about himself. He has a joke about himself. He was asked how he learned to dance. He replied, ‘How did I learn to dance? We were six brothers. There was one bathroom. I learned to dance while standing in front of the bathroom.’

Hope joked with herself. At the same time, he also highlighted his material condition in his childhood. People who grow up because of hardships try to avoid the past when they get materially established. But Hope didn’t. He made it clear through jokes that he had to go through a lot of hardships in his childhood. One aspect of her suffering is sharing a bathroom with her six brothers. At the same time, he did not present the important and embarrassing matter in a juicy way!

But that’s right. People joke about others but cannot joke about themselves. He doesn’t like anyone else to make fun of him. But the jokes don’t stop there. New tricks are created all the time. And people laugh with their teeth when they hear jokes about others. Understandably, pranking others is a great way to entertain.

There are many jokes about George Bush in the net world. One of them is:

Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso and George Bush have died. Although the three died decades apart, due to a slight error in celestial timing, all three were allowed to ascend to heaven at the same time.

On their way to Heaven’s Gate, they met Pope St. Peter of the Vatican. Peter looked at Einstein and said, ‘You look like Einstein. Well, how do you prove that you are Einstein? There can be more people who look like you, right?’

‘Yes. ok Please provide a chalk and blackboard. Proof,’ said Einstein.

Chalk-blackboard is arranged. Einstein scribbled on the blackboard at lightning speed about his mysterious mathematics and the formula of relativity. After a while, Saint Peter said, ‘Okay, okay. Don’t need anymore. You are the real Einstein. Welcome to heaven. Please come in.’

Now it’s Picasso’s turn. Asked to prove that he was the real Picasso, he took the chalk and made a few scratches on the blackboard, drawing a portrait of St. Peter. He was also allowed to enter heaven with honor.

Now Peter’s eyes fell on George Bush. Said, ‘Before you, Einstein and Picasso have entered heaven by proving their identity. You prove yourself as Bush.’

Bush said in surprise, ‘Einstein! Picasso! Who are these again?’

‘Quite right,’ said St. Peter Smith, smiling. Who are they again? You really are Bush. Come in.’

This joke was probably created to show how average politicians are. Not all presidents in the history of the United States are George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, but there are also Bushes and Trumps. They are the joke.

There are also jokes about Trump. Trump was a Twitter favorite. I want to tweet him in words. Once, however, his Twitter was shut down for eleven minutes. Trump is crying with rage. In the end, it was revealed that due to someone’s inadvertent mistake, he could not enter his account for eleven minutes.

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