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Sena-Arakan Army fierce battle

Sena-Arakan Army fierce battle
Sena-Arakan Army fierce battle

Inside Myanmar, the army is fighting a fierce battle with the rebel Arakan Army. Sources of Rohingyas living along the border have provided information on such a situation. According to them, many areas have already gone under the control of the rebels. Most of the border areas of Kauwar Para, Fakirapara, Bolibazar, Dhekibaniya in Myanmar are now under the control of the rebels. Road communication in these areas has been blocked and barricaded. The rebels are steadily gaining strength. As a result, the Myanmar army is also increasing its attacks. For more than a month, a tense situation has prevailed at the sleepy border of Naikshyongchari in Bandarban. On the other side of the border, 24,000 people of Tumbru and Baishfandi areas of Ghumdhum Union are spending their days in severe fear due to the sound of mortar shells, bullets and other heavy weapons from Myanmar.

On Tuesday morning, these shells and mortar shells were heard inside Myanmar at the Anjumanpara border in Ukhia. Number 5 Palangkhali Union Parishad Chairman M Gafur Uddin Chowdhury said, ‘From 7:00 am to 7:45 am on Tuesday, there was continuous shelling and mortar fire inside Myanmar. The settlements bordering Anjumanpara of Ukhiya are shaking with the sound of these bullets and mortar shells. As a result, border residents are in panic. After 45 minutes of firing in the morning, there was no further sound. The shooting has been reported to the concerned administration.’
He also said that instructions have come to prepare a list to evacuate residents living within 300 to 500 meters of the Zero Line on the border. In the meantime, 100 at-risk families have been listed through the survey. If there is any kind of adverse situation at the border, then all measures have been taken to evacuate the family members who are at risk to a safe place. A list of more than 100 vulnerable families has been given to the administration in Dhamankhali, East Zamindar Para and East Balukhali border areas of Palongkhali Union.
Last Friday night, a few mortar shells fired by Myanmar landed in Konarpara and Zero Line shelter camps in Bangladesh. Although the Konarpara mortar shell did not explode, a Rohingya was killed by a mortar shell falling at zero line. At this time, five more people were injured. The Rohingya claim that the Myanmar forces are throwing mortar shells in a planned manner.
In this direction, after August 25, 2017, the influx of Rohingya was the highest through this union. At that time, more than 900,000 Rohingyas took shelter in 34 camps in Ukhia-Teknaf, but there were more than 4,000 Rohingyas as exceptions. Those who were stationed near the barbed wire fence on the zero line opposite Tumbru Konarpara of Ghumdhum Union. More than 4,000 displaced Rohingyas from Myanmar have been staying at this zero line for five years and have been watching all the situations at the Myanmar border. The Office of the Commissioner for Refugee Relief and Repatriation of the Government of Bangladesh is in charge of all assistance including the relief of the Rohingyas sheltered in Ukhia-Teknaf camp. But the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is providing relief assistance to the Rohingyas on the zero line. These Rohingyas are the closest witnesses to the conflict situation that is going on inside Myanmar for the past months. Dil Mohammad is the leader of the Rohingya living in this zero line.

Dil Mohammad said, He is a resident of Medipara, Rakhine State, Myanmar. Served as a member of the Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) for more than 10 consecutive years. He is familiar with these border areas of Myanmar. There was continuous firing from midnight till dawn on Sunday. Although stopped for a few hours, artillery and mortar shells are being fired again and again from 9 am on Monday morning. The situation seems to be that the firing is one-sided.
In response to the question of what is happening inside Myanmar, Mohammad Arif, another leader of the Rohingyas living on the zero line, said that the appearance and clothes of the Myanmar rebels are similar to the Myanmar army. Here it is difficult to understand who is a rebel and who is an army member. This is benefiting the rebels. In this situation, he does not see the danger of any Rohingya entering Bangladesh through the sleepy border. He said that there are already no Rohingyas in the area where there is conflict. How to infiltrate where there are no Rohingyas. Those who are Rohingya are near Mangdu. They have no chance to reach this border of Myanmar.
Khaleda Begum, a resident of the Palongkhali Anjuman border, said that she had heard in newspapers and television that the firing was going on at the border. Intermittent firing was heard inside Myanmar along our Anjuman border on Tuesday morning. Right now there is extreme anxiety among the people of our area. However, no statement was received from the BGB and the law enforcement agencies in this regard.
Talked to SSC candidate Yasmin Akhter at around 10:15 am on Tuesday in Tumbru Bazar. He said, I am afraid since the shelling. There is no mental situation to take the test. Despite that, I am going to the examination center on the request of my family.
Yasmin Akhtar is giving SSC exam from Ghumdhum High School, Naikshyongchari, Bandarban. His house is in Uttarpara of Tumbru border. There was the sound of firing by the Myanmar forces since morning. Hearing that sound, Yasmin came out of the house. Even after reaching the market, the sound of gunfire did not stop.
Yasmin spoke at Tumbru Bazar around 10:30 am on Tuesday. He said, I am afraid since the shelling. There is no mental situation to take the test. Despite that, I am going to the examination center on the request of my family. He also said that the distance from his home to his center Ghumdhum High School is four kilometers. The center was moved to Kutupalong High School, 10 km away, due to mortar shelling by the Myanmar forces. In the beginning some people arranged transportation but today that vehicle is not seen.
Another student Jannatul Ferdous’s house is in West Para of Tumbru. Jannatul said, ‘I have heard several rounds of gunfire since morning. Still running. I was walking to the bus station. I heard two gunshots inside. Gunshots were heard last night as well. No chance to sleep. Every now and then the sound of gunfire is coming near the house. I felt like I was reading this.’

Fatima Begum also spoke in the voice of Yasmin and Jannatul. He commented, ‘how to go to the examination center so far, it was not thought. On the first day, the people arranged the bus, but now they did not provide it. Now waiting for the local car. I wonder if I can reach the center properly.’
Mohammad Atiq, a shopkeeper of Tumbru Bazar, said, ‘There have been 9 times of heavy gunfire since 5 am. People are used to hearing these words every day. So there is not much response, but school children or children are scared.’
Ghumdhum Union Parishad Chairman AKM Jahangir Aziz said, ‘It has been decided to move about 1500 people from 300 families. Bandarban Deputy Commissioner Yasmin Parveen has arrived on Monday to determine where they will be kept.
He also said, ‘The sound of gunshots was heard in the morning as well. Care is being taken to ensure that no citizen of Myanmar can come somehow.’
After a Rohingya was killed in a mortar shell fired from Myanmar on the zero line of the border, the sound of gunfire is heard on the Tumbru border for three consecutive days. Tension has been going on at the Tumbru border in Naikshyongchari for almost a month now. On the other side of the border, the people of Tumbru and Baispari areas of Ghumdhum Union are spending their days in fear due to the sound of mortar shells, bullets and various heavy weapons from Myanmar. Several times, mortar shells fired from the mountains of Myanmar’s Rakhine state have also reached the territory of Bangladesh.
Deputy Commissioner of Cox’s Bazar, Md. Mamunur Rashid, said that there are gunshots or the sound of gunshots inside Myanmar. If it is said by residents or public representatives living near the Ukhia border, then it is correct. But we are monitoring the border situation. And BGB is on alert at the border.

Letter to the United Nations asking for security: Residents of the makeshift Rohingya camp at Tumbru Zero Point on the Bangladesh-Myanmar border held a protest rally condemning Myanmar’s mortar shell attacks. Rohingya leader Dil Mohammad said that the Rohingya have sent a letter to the United Nations seeking protection from this attack.
Gafur Chowdhury, chairman of Ukhia Palongkhali Union Parishad, confirmed the matter. He said, after the Ghumdhum border, heavy gunfire is being heard on the other side of Myanmar at the Anjuman border of my union.

He also said, I am currently in Dhaka. Locals including one of my UP members called to say that the sound of heavy gunfire was heard inside Myanmar yesterday morning. Later I reported the matter to law enforcement.
Residents of the makeshift Rohingya camp at Tumbru Zero Point on the Bangladesh-Myanmar border held a protest rally condemning the mortar shell attack. Last Monday afternoon, Rohingyas living there protested the killing of Rohingya Kishore Iqbal in a mortar shell attack with the participation of Rohingyas living there.
Speaking at that time, Rohingya leaders said that initially the armed group Arakan Army (AA) clashed with the Myanmar security forces, but now the Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) is making the situation turbulent by firing at the Tumbru border. In this situation, more than four thousand Rohingyas from 621 families have to spend their days in fear. who have been living there for the past five years. Speaking at the rally, Rohingya leader Abdur Rahim said, ‘Myanmar’s military launched a planned mortar shell attack on the Zero Line last Friday night. They want us to leave, we won’t. He mentioned that if they have to go, the Rohingyas from the zero line will walk back to their homes in Rakhine on the other side of the mountain.
Dil Mohammad, the spokesperson of Zero Line Rohingya Camp, read out a letter calling on the United Nations to ensure security at the rally. Dil Mohammad said in reference to the letter, ‘In 2017, the military junta expelled eight lakh Rohingyas from their homeland. We have informed the United Nations in a letter that the military junta forces can launch a bigger attack on us at any moment.’ In the letter, considering such a situation, the United Nations has been called upon to take quick steps to ensure the overall safety of the Rohingyas under the zero line, said Mohammad. He mentioned that this letter has been sent to the United Nations and related departments.
Incidentally, since last July, the Rakhine State has become unstable due to the ongoing conflict between the Myanmar Army and the Arakan Army, a rebel armed organization of that country. Due to the impact of the conflict, panic has spread in the border region of Bangladesh, mortar shells fired from Myanmar in three rounds fell asleep. The recent death of one Rohingya and six injuries has raised anxiety in the border area.

Panic at Bandarban border, fear of going to school: Gunshots and gunshots were also heard yesterday morning at the Naikshyongchari border in Bandarban. In Reju Amtali area of ​​Ghumdhum Union, gunshots were heard from the opposite side of pillar number 39. After this incident, a new fear has arisen among the common people of that area. On Monday night, when some hill families of these areas tried to leave the area, the BGB stopped them. Later they were returned to the area. In this direction, the sound of gunfire is still heard on the border. BGB has increased security in Ghumdhum, Tumbru, Reju Amtali areas. On the other hand, the Union Parishad is preparing a list of those who are at risk on the border. However, it is not yet known when the people living in the border area will be evacuated. On the other hand, due to the tense situation at the border, students are afraid to go to sleepy schools. It also reduced the attendance rate of educational institutions. Deputy Commissioner Yachmin Parveen Tibriji said that all efforts are being made by the administration to provide shelter to the people living in the border areas.

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