Akheri Chahar Shomba today

Akheri Chahar Shomba today
Akheri Chahar Shomba today

Akheri Chahar Shomba today. On the last Wednesday of the month of Safar, the last Prophet and Messenger, Hazrat Muhammad SAW, commemorates the day of his temporary recovery after a long illness. Muslims of many countries of the world, including Bangladesh, celebrate this day with proper religious solemnity through state and private initiatives.
Akheri Chahar Shomba is originally an Arabic and Persian phrase. The first word ‘akheri’ is found in Arabic and Persian. Which means – the end. The Persian word ‘Chahar’ means the month of travel and the Persian word ‘Shomba’ means Wednesday. That means ‘Akheri Chahar Shomba’ means – the last Wednesday of Safar month. Hazrat Muhammad SAW became very ill at the end of his life. He had high fever. He would lose consciousness repeatedly due to fever. In this situation, the members of the Prophet’s family and companions became anxious and worried. One day the light of hope shines in that despair. One morning he regained consciousness. He behaves very healthy and normal. Then he was bathed. The beloved Prophet’s family members and companions were overjoyed at his recovery. Happily, they thank God and offer nafal prayers. In the name of Allah, he gives charity to the poor and the poor according to his ability.
According to a narration of Hazrat Ayesha Radiyallahu Anha, on the last Wednesday of the month of Safar, Muhammad SAW suddenly recovered. However, towards the end of the day, he fell ill again.
Ifa program: On the occasion of Akheri Chahar Shomba, a discussion meeting and prayer prayer will be held at Baitul Mukarram National Mosque today, Wednesday, on the initiative of Bad Zohar Islamic Foundation. Former Principal of Madinatul Uloom Kamil Madrasah Maulana Abdur Razzak Al Azhari will participate as a speaker. Director of Islamic Foundation Md. Anichur Rahman Sarkar will preside.

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