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Remittance flow has increased after Sarashi-Sadi Abhiyan

Remittance flow has increased after Sarashi-Sadi Abhiyan
Remittance flow has increased after Sarashi-Sadi Abhiyan

The CID said that the inflow of remittances has increased significantly after the crackdown on hundi traders. CID Additional Special Superintendent of Police (Acting, Media) Jisanul Haque gave this information on Monday night. He said, CID started investigation by increasing the price of dollar. After the investigation, 16 people involved in the hundi business were arrested on September 7.

In the investigation, the CID found out that in the last one year, the arrested huyi businessmen have smuggled 7.8 billion dollars equivalent to 75 thousand crore rupees. By using mobile banking or mobile financial services, a class of unscrupulous gangs have been laundering remittance flows through legitimate channels, including money laundering abroad. After the CID operation, the rate of sending remittances through legal channels has increased. In this case, the flow of remittances has increased significantly compared to last month.
Meanwhile, according to the statistics department of Bangladesh Bank, in the first 15 days of September, a total of 1 billion 86 million dollars of remittances have arrived in the country. At 108 taka per dollar, the amount in Bangladeshi currency is about 10 thousand 893 crore taka. Out of this, 14.5 million US dollars came through five state-owned commercial banks and 84.83 million US dollars remittances came through private banks. On the other hand, remittances through foreign banks were 3.4 million US dollars.

Besides, a remittance of 1 crore 64 million US dollars has come through a specialized bank. As a single bank, most remittances came through Islami Bank. 22 million dollars through this private sector bank, 9 million 97 million dollars in City Bank, 7 million 30 million in Al-Arafah Islami Bank, 6 million 23 million in Agrani Bank, 5 million 21 million in Dutch-Bangla Bank and 5 million 58 through Pubali Bank. Remittance of millions of dollars.

However, no remittances came through BDBL, Rajshahi Agricultural Development Bank, Foreign Bank Al-Falah, Habib Bank and National Bank of Pakistan, State Bank of India and Ori Bank. Earlier, more than four billion dollars of remittances came to the country in July-August. 203 crore 78 lakh or 2.03 billion dollars came in August and 209 crore 63 lakh or 2.09 billion dollars came in July.
According to the data of the Central Bank, in the fiscal year 2021-22, 2 thousand 103 crores 17 lakhs (21.3 billion) US dollars came into the country through banking channels. This is 15.11 percent less than its previous fiscal year. In the previous financial year 2020-21, Bangladeshi expatriates living in different countries sent remittances worth 2477 crore 77 lakh (24.77 billion) dollars. Meanwhile, according to the prices of Bangladesh Foreign Exchange Authorized Dealers Association or Bafeda, the banks are buying maximum 108 taka per dollar in the case of remittances sent by expatriate workers through the banking channel.

And the export bill is being paid at 99 rupees per dollar. In addition, the banks are selling dollars to the importer by adding a maximum of one taka to the average price of the banks for collecting remittances and cashing export bills. Bangladesh Bank is constantly publishing the fixed rate of Bafeda on the website. The website has the latest rates on September 18. Where against the dollar, the maximum price of rupees is 105 taka 50 paisa and the minimum is 105 taka 50 paisa.

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