Trump fake voters disrupt voting in Georgia for hours – Amrita Bazar

Trump fake voters disrupt voting in Georgia for hours – Amrita Bazar
Trump fake voters disrupt voting in Georgia for hours – Amrita Bazar

New surveillance video shows a Georgia Republican official who may also be a fake Trump voter leading a team of Trump operatives who hacked a Georgia county’s voting system for hours.

A fake Trump voter breached voting data in Georgia

CNN reported this information.

Republican district officials in Georgia and staff working with former President Donald Trump’s attorney spent hours that day in the restricted area of ​​the Coffee County elections office. Among those seen in the footage is former Coffee County GOP Chairwoman Kathy Latham, who is under criminal investigation for alleged voter impersonation in 2020.

CNN previously reported that on January 7, 2021, Latham led operatives working with former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell through the front door of the election office. The new footage undermines Latham’s earlier claims that he was “not personally involved” in the breach.

The new video, obtained as part of a yearlong civil lawsuit over the security of Georgia’s voting system there, shows Latham in the office for hours as operatives set up computers near election equipment and access voting data.

The voter data breach is under both state and federal investigation

The Fulton County, GA Trump election crime investigation is also investigating the breach of voting data. The DOJ is investigating the breach as part of a fraudulent voter scheme

The data breach team worked for Sidney Powell, who worked for Donald Trump. Except for the voter impersonators in Georgia, the same group compromised voter data in Michigan.

Violation of votes is a serious crime, and in such cases, CCTV is as close to a smoking gun as you can get. Suspected criminals gain access to video equipment and set up their own computers.

The level of criminality involved in Trump’s coup attempt is huge, but one area where people are likely to be prosecuted and imprisoned is in violation of the law.

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