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And Ashwin can’t be condemned, a valid standard according to the new ICC rules

And Ashwin can’t be condemned, a valid standard according to the new ICC rules
And Ashwin can’t be condemned, a valid standard according to the new ICC rules

Bangla Hunt News Desk: Sunil Gavaskar had been objecting to this issue for a long time. He might get some relief this time. Many have heard the name of Vinu Mankar, the early star of Indian cricket history. He was immortalized in cricket history for one particular reason which Sunil Gavaskar was not at all fond of.

During the 1948 tour of Australia, Auji dismissed keeper Billy Brown in a strange manner that was not well known in world cricket at the time. Billy had left Chris before he came to the ball. Seeing this, Vinu picked up the ball at the non-striker’s end and dismissed Brown. Although it was by no means said that mana could not be done according to the rules but the Australian media started attacking the matter in very strong language and called such outs as mankaring. The news media of both Australia and England continued to promote the issue as against the image of cricket.

Many must remember the tussle between Rajasthan Royals vs Ravichandran Ashwin and Jos Buttler during the IPL a few years back. As soon as Buttler moved on from Krish, he picked up the bell of the stamp without an open delivery, which was not less controversial. Asin’s service was also severely attacked by the English press.

But this time there is nothing against cricketing image in such dismissals. According to the new ICC rules, if the non-striker leaves the crease before the bowler bowls, the bowler has every right to run-out the batsman without bowling.

To tell the truth, there was never any inhibition. Only the matter fell under the ICC’s Unfair Play Rules. But now it has been moved from unfair play section to run out section. This is also a change that the ICC has made recently, along with more precise rule changes.

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