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Notice of allotment of seats in Chabir residential hall after 5 long years 1185500 | The voice of time

Notice of allotment of seats in Chabir residential hall after 5 long years 1185500 | The voice of time
Notice of allotment of seats in Chabir residential hall after 5 long years 1185500 | The voice of time

The university authorities have taken the initiative to allocate seats in the residential halls of Chittagong University (CHB) after almost 5 years.

On Tuesday, acting proctor of the university and member secretary of the central seat allocation committee of the university. This information was informed through a circular signed by Rabiul Hasan Bhuiyan.

According to the notification, interested students can collect and submit the seat allocation application form from the office during office hours from September 22 to October 21. The cost of application form is 100 rupees.


It is to be noted that the students applying in the light of emergency notification-1, 2 and 3 published on 21st March, 9th April and 17th June 2019 do not need to apply again.

In the meantime, students with temporary, special and dual residency permits for placement in CHBI residential halls will also have to apply for regular seat allocation.

Temporary, special and dual resident allotment previously permitted will stand canceled after allotment of the respective seats in this notification. Failure to submit the application form along with the required documents within the specified time limit will result in the application being considered cancelled.

The notification also said that after the commencement of the seat allotment process, the special inspection system will continue in the residential halls. Under this system, special inspection teams and law enforcement agencies will conduct searches at any time and take legal action against those staying illegally without allocation.

Assistant proctor of the university blamed the corona period as the reason for this long process in allocating seats. Shahidul Islam told Kal Kantha, ‘We will complete the seat allocation as soon as possible. Instructions have been given to the respective hall authorities in this regard. They will resolve it quickly and it will be done as per our hall seat allotment policy. ‘

Incidentally, 5 years ago in 2017, the university authorities allocated the last seats in the residential halls of Chittagong University. Later in 2019, seat allotment forms were distributed and submitted in several rounds, but till now the administration has not allotted seats in residential halls. As a result, the influence of Chhatra League in the residential halls of the university has increased several times. In this regard, a special report titled ‘Seat Allocation Stopped for Five Years’ was also published in Kal Kantha newspaper on September 7.

The article is in Bengali

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