Resolve border issues through diplomatic process

Resolve border issues through diplomatic process
Resolve border issues through diplomatic process

The Rohingya problem is not yet resolved. Due to the security situation in Myanmar and the ongoing global crisis, the repatriation process has not yet started. Negotiations are ongoing on behalf of Bangladesh through the international community. Among these, the overall security situation in Myanmar has further deteriorated after the military coup on 1 February 2021. Violent anti-junta protests, protests and bloodshed have pushed Myanmar into a conflict situation, an ongoing situation that creates uncertainty over Rohingya repatriation, but Bangladesh continues to negotiate repeatedly. While Bangladesh is negotiating through the international community for the dignified return of the Rohingyas to their home country, various activities in Myanmar are causing security concerns and instability.

On August 28 last Sunday, around 3:30 pm, two mortar shells fell in Tumbra Bazar area of ​​Ghumdhum border of Naikshyongchari, Bandarban. As soon as this incident ended, two more shells from the Myanmar army’s warplanes fell in Bangladesh. It can be said that Myanmar is trying to turn the situation around by firing mortar shells at the very moment when efforts are being made to speed up the repatriation of the Rohingyas. We don’t understand why they are creating a war situation instead of repatriating Rohingyas. For the past few days, there has been tension on the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar. In this situation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a high-level meeting with all the forces of the country last Sunday. Dhaka has decided to resolve it diplomatically even though it was asked to make maximum preparations in the meeting. In the past three days, a Rohingya youth was killed and several others were injured in Noman’s Land by mortar shells fired by Myanmar forces in the border area.

Apart from this, a Bangladeshi was injured by a mine buried in Myanmar. Every day the sounds of bullets and mortars are heard intermittently from across the border. Sometimes there are bullets and shells. In this situation, a high-level security meeting was held yesterday afternoon at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the situation on the Bangladesh-Myanmar border. The representatives of all forces and intelligence agencies of Bangladesh including Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, Navy, Army, Air Force, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), Coast Guard, Police, NSI, DGFI were present. In the said meeting, Bangladesh Border Guard Force BGB and Coast Guard have been asked to be vigilant at the border. Careful attention has also been asked to ensure that Rohingyas cannot enter Bangladesh by sea or in any other way.

Bangladesh no longer considers the continuous mortar shells and shells coming from Myanmar as an accident. Seeing it as a kind of provocation. What Myanmar is doing is naturally provocation for war. But Bangladesh will not step into that trap. They basically want a war internally to maintain their power. However, instructions have come from the highest level of Bangladesh to maintain peace by showing patience. And to solve it through political channels. Myanmar is already violating international laws one after another. Violation of airspace several times, mortar shells, bullets are falling on the land of Bangladesh. Bangladesh was seeing the violation of Myanmar’s airspace as an accident.

Because the border is not a straight line, it is crooked. As a result airspace has been violated. The firing of mortar shells was also seen as an accident. Maybe one or two have come by mistake. But when the same mistake happens again and again, it has to be taken into account. And when it comes to the issue of landmines inside Bangladesh, it becomes a cause for concern. We think every inch counts when firing a mortar shell. Even after warning about this, when their mortar shells or shells are falling on Bangladesh, Bangladesh is considering it as intentional. Even if Myanmar wants a war, Bangladesh will not get involved in it. Initiatives should be taken to reduce border tension through diplomatic discussions.

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