Zomato boy trunk! Japte kissed the young woman while giving food

Zomato boy trunk! Japte kissed the young woman while giving food
Zomato boy trunk! Japte kissed the young woman while giving food

The Wall Bureau: An engineering student (girl) from Pune faced a horrible experience by ordering food online. He was forcibly kissed by the Zomato delivery boy because there was no food or water. The young woman made such a complaint. Based on his complaint, the 42-year-old man was arrested by the Pune police. This incident happened on September 17.

The young woman complained that she was alone at home last Saturday. Order food on Zomato for dinner. The accused repeatedly asked him to drink water when he came to deliver the food. Then when he went to fetch water, the person suddenly jumped from behind. He grabbed her and started kissing her. The accused delivery boy even says that he is like the young woman’s uncle. Somehow she escaped from that person’s grip, but started harassing the girl on WhatsApp that night.

He was scared at first but then approached the police. The young woman told the police that the accused wanted to drink water from her after delivering the food. After bringing water for the first time, the delivery boy started talking to him. The person wants to know who is in his house. In response to the question, the young woman said that she rents a flat with her friends. At that time, the young lady who was alone at home, also learned about it through the story.

Allegedly, after that, the person who came to give food wants to drink water once again. As the young woman turned back to fetch water once again to fulfill her request, the accused jumped on her. He kisses her cheek twice in a row. In this incident, the young woman was shocked. Then the delivery boy told him, ‘I am like your uncle.’ After that, he left the girl’s house and ran out. And the messages started on WhatsApp from night.

Even though this incident happened on September 17 at around 9:30 pm, the young woman did not want to raise the matter further. But when the accused started harassing him on WhatsApp from that night, he finally approached the police on Monday. On the basis of his complaint, the police arrested the Zomato boy on the same day. However, the accused later got bail.

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