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As for the police

As for the police
As for the police

Police force is a significant part of our country’s law and order force. This force is considered as the guardian of the security of people’s life and property. In fact, the police are empowered by the state to enforce the law, protect property, maintain social and internal order and public safety. Their powers, responsibilities and accountabilities are regulated by employment rules, applicable laws and the constitution. A police force is generally defined as distinct from an institution involved in the defense of a country against military or other foreign aggressive forces. Because, the responsibility of this force is to maintain the internal peace and order of the country and provide security of life and property. In this case, there is no opportunity to question the efficiency, professionalism and patriotism of our police force. However, there are exceptions to this in some cases.
Our country’s police have earned a reputation as a highly professional and well-disciplined force. This army also played a significant role in the war of independence. But due to a class of dishonest and criminal policemen, in recent years, this very important force of the state has faced an image crisis in the country and abroad. Even a class of policemen are often accused of being involved in various criminal activities. These charges include extortion, extortion and kidnapping. There are also serious allegations against some members of playing the role of mercenary Mastans. The number of these complaints has increased dramatically in recent times. The police headquarters is taking various initiatives to prevent members from getting involved in such crimes.

Recently, plainclothes ASI Mahbubul Alam of Pallabi police station filed a case against a passerby by taking a Yabar packet from a source and putting it in the pocket of a pedestrian. The video of the incident went viral on social media. In Chittagong, three youths were picked up and brutally tortured for not getting money, the media reported. Trivial incidents were first brought to the police station. Torture was carried out without demanding a large sum of money. Later, he was sent to jail in a case of robbery preparation. They are picked up from one place, arrested in the case shown at another place. Such serious allegations have been made against Chittagong’s Bhujpur police station. Which has put the entire army in a crisis of acceptance.

Meanwhile, SI Abdur Razzak of Sadar Police Station has been accused of filing a false case of illegal possession of weapons against innocent and innocent Ansar VDP member Gholam Hafiz Mirza and his younger brother in Joypurhat, and sending them to jail. . The villagers of East Sundarpur and Muraripur villages have filed a written complaint against the concerned SI with the Joypurhat Superintendent of Police. In an affidavit, local public representative Saiful Islam has also made a similar complaint. On behalf of the victim’s family, Maulana Shamchuzzaman organized a crowded press conference at Joypurhat Press Club on August 27 and sought the help of the Prime Minister, Home Minister and IGP, asking for justice for such unexpected incidents and false cases. This news has been published in various national and local dailies. It is said that the matter is being investigated by the district police. But so far no significant progress has been noted in the investigation.

Basically, the criminality of a class of policemen has now become almost unstoppable. Sources at the police headquarters say that the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and the heads of all police units are constantly receiving complaints about this. More than 61,000 complaints have been reported in the last four and a half years. Complaints against the police have been increasing ever since former IGP AKM Shahidul Haque launched the IGP Complaint Cell on November 13, 2017. The senior officers held meetings at the police headquarters on these complaints. Special teams have been ordered to be formed with detectives in every district to prevent police crimes. According to the concerned sources, the district police superintendents have already started the work of forming the team. But the situation to be optimistic has not yet arisen. However, Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) sources say that strict action is being taken against any member of the police who commits a crime. Action has already been taken against many policemen. Headquarters sources said that in the last four years, disciplinary action has been taken against about 65,000 policemen across the country on various charges. Action is taken against 1 thousand 355 policemen on an average month. Meanwhile, in the first six months of this year, about one and a half thousand complaints have been filed against the police. Police sources say that complaints against police personnel are increasing every year. In 2018, 14 thousand 402 people were found against. The following year this number increased to 14 thousand 512. In 2020, this number increased to 15 thousand 212. Last year, complaints against 16 thousand 418 policemen were filed.

From January to September 2017, the number of policemen punished is 10 thousand 421. 13 thousand 586 in 2016; 11 thousand 167 in 2015; 15 thousand 297 in 2014; In 2013, 14 thousand 60 and in 2012 12 thousand 992 policemen were punished for committing crimes. Among them, 506 people were fired or dismissed. Compulsory retirement has been given to 36 people. According to police headquarters sources, according to the Police Act, there are two types of sectional punishment (minor and major) against any member involved in crime. Penalties include dismissal from service, suspension of promotion, suspension of pay increment and cancellation of service privileges. Dismissal if found guilty. In case of police officers of BCS cadre, action is taken as per Public Service Act-2018 (Discipline and Appeal). There is a cell in the Public Security Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs to look into complaints against officers from Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) and above. In the last six months, departmental action has been taken against at least half a hundred policemen and a case has been filed against some of them, sources said. But the criminality of a class of policemen cannot be controlled in any way; Rather, the situation is getting worse as the days go by.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) media and public relations department sources say that if someone is suspected of being a victim of various crimes including fake police or police identity fraud, they should immediately call the national emergency service 999 and seek the help of the local police station. Apart from this, there is a provision of dismissal as the maximum penalty along with departmental cases, departmental cases, and temporary suspension if information is found to be associated with such incidents.
It is also said that the force will not take responsibility if any policeman commits such a crime. If proper information is found and the accused is proved in the investigation, he will face the law after the arrest along with the regular case. In this case, Dhaka Metropolitan Police has announced zero tolerance. Apart from this, we are trying to sensitize common people in various ways to protect them from fraud in the crime that is being committed under fake police identity. Sources at the police headquarters also say that the issue of police crime is always presented transparently before the common people. Meetings are held at various times at the headquarters regarding the crimes of the policemen. On behalf of the police, intelligence forces, special teams in DC and metro areas at the district level, multiple monitoring teams are working at the field level. Apart from this, special teams with headquarters are working to identify such criminals. Along with this technology is being used to monitor the criminals involved.

Actions of policemen involved in crime are monitored and brought under the law. And the complaints made against the policemen are settled mainly according to the prevailing law. After receiving a complaint from someone inside or outside, after preliminary investigation, a departmental case is filed against the accused policeman. Apart from this, immediately after receiving the complaint against the concerned policemen, the unit head called the accused member. This way, when an accused member is convicted, the rest of the department gets the message. This official said it is a kind of warning for them.

Basically, it is the responsibility of the state to guarantee the safety of life and property and fundamental rights of all citizens. And on that condition, citizens pay taxes to the state and show loyalty to the state. Police as well as law enforcement forces provide full support to the state in this work. Their success in this field is not less. But the entire force is now in a morale crisis due to the unbridled criminality of a class of worthless policemen. And the people are also deprived of the services and welfare of the state.

In this situation, it is necessary to take effective action against the criminal members and face severe punishment to bring back the lost glory of the police and law enforcement forces. It is important to keep a watchful eye so that the entire force does not fall into an image crisis due to some criminal activity. Otherwise the entire army will suffer from a crisis of acceptability with the people because of some dishonesty; Good governance will be disrupted.

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