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Kolkata News Businessman Arrested In Dumdum Airport Due To Gold Smuggling

Bratdeep Bhattacharya, Kolkata: Allegation of bringing gold from Singapore by evading customs duties. A gold trader was arrested by the customs department at Kolkata Airport. About 60 lakh gold recovered. (Customs) According to customs sources, the gold trader arrived in Kolkata from Singapore on Sunday. 27 gold coins and 3 gold butts were found from him. The market price of which is 56 lakh 78 thousand 694 taka. According to sources, the coins and gold bars were bought from a gold coin fair in Singapore. For what purpose it was brought to Calcutta, is being investigated.

Recently, foreign currency worth Tk 9 crore was recovered at the Kolkata airport. It is known that the customs recovered 9 crore foreign currency from a passenger at the airport. The security guards were shocked to see so much foreign currency. It is known that the person was supposed to catch a Dubai-bound flight from Kolkata airport. Informed circles think that the recovery of so much foreign currency from the Kolkata airport is almost unprecedented. During checking, 41 envelopes were found in the bag of Gautam Ravishankar. Suspicious, the security guards assigned at the airport decided to open his bag and check it. On examination the envelopes were opened and found to contain a large amount of foreign currency. Seeing so many foreign currencies, the eyes of the security guards became dizzy. The person was immediately handed over to the Customs Department. Customs officials are interrogating him and trying to find out how he got so much foreign money.

This airport of the state is always closely monitored by security guards and customs officials. No less strict with covid. However, the smuggling of diamonds between the teeth, pen refills and pants belts is still a problem. Along with that, nothing is left out from drug trafficking worth billions of rupees to gold. Naturally, you have to keep an eye on books. Even with radioactive elements, you have to worry less. Californian was recovered from this Kolkata airport. The market value of the recovered Californian was over 4 thousand crore rupees. Expensive, more than that, it is a radioactive element in public! So always keep an eye open airport staff. And this time, 27 gold coins and 3 gold butts were caught.

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Incidentally, earlier in July, there was a curtain leak during a major smuggling operation. According to customs sources, an Indian passenger returning to Dubai was challenged by customs officers while passing through the green channel at Kolkata airport. After questioning and searching him, illegally brought gold worth Tk 10 lakh 78 thousand was recovered. On the same day, another incident took place at the Kolkata airport. A Bangladeshi passenger from Dhaka was also leaving through the green channel. After searching him, gold worth 40 lakh 32 thousand taka was recovered. Both men were arrested. However, in the last few months, several illegal goods have been recovered during the search of the customs department at the airport or various shops in Kolkata.

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