Life sentence of 5 brothers in farmer murder case in Kushtia

Life sentence of 5 brothers in farmer murder case in Kushtia
Life sentence of 5 brothers in farmer murder case in Kushtia

The court sentenced five brothers to life imprisonment in the case of murder of farmer Wazed Ali in Daulatpur of Kushtia. At the same time, they have been fined 25,000 taka, in default of payment they have been sentenced to 1 year imprisonment.

Judge Tajul Islam of Kushtiyar District and Sessions Judge Additional Court-1 gave this verdict in the presence of the accused in the court on Tuesday around 1.30 pm.

Those sentenced are Janbar Ali (66), Golam Mostafa (61), Abdul Mannan (56), Alauddin (53) and Abdul Hannan (50), son of Baks Mandal, a resident of Salimpur Taragunia village of Kushtia Daulatpur upazila. Among them, Janbar and Golam Mustafa are physically challenged.

According to the source of the case, on March 14, 2014, at around 12:30 pm, the owner of the land, Wazed Ali, went to the wheat field with his sons after receiving the news that the opponent’s people were cutting wheat from the land of Salimpur field of the upazila due to a previous dispute related to the land. At that time, because wheat cutting was prohibited, the accused took local sharp weapons and cut and wounded the land owner Wazed Ali, killing him on the spot.

In this incident, Billal Hossain, the son of the victim, filed a case against 11 to 12 unidentified people, including the names of 11 people, in Daulatpur police station.

After investigating the case, Sub-Inspector of Daulatpur Police Station Faisal Hossain filed a charge sheet against 12 people in the murder of farmer Wazed Ali on January 31, 2016. At the end of the testimony, the judgment of the case was announced today.

PP Advocate Anup Kumar Nandi of Kushtia District and Sessions Judge Court said that the court sentenced his 5 brothers to life imprisonment for the murder of Wazed Ali and one more year in prison without paying a fine of Tk 25,000. Besides, the court acquitted 7 accused as the charges were not proved in this case.

However, the defendant’s lawyer said that he will appeal to the high court for justice against the judgment of the case. Adv. Sudhir Kumar Sharma.

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