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Dengue patients are increasing in capital’s hospitals, two deaths in Mugaday

Dengue patients are increasing in capital’s hospitals, two deaths in Mugaday
Dengue patients are increasing in capital’s hospitals, two deaths in Mugaday

Since the beginning of this month, the dengue outbreak has increased greatly throughout the country including the capital. The number of daily admissions to hospitals in the capital due to the mosquito-borne disease is on the rise, indicating that the situation is worsening. Two people died on Tuesday at Mugda Medical College and Hospital.

Concerned people feel that awareness has not increased even though the situation is getting worse. So this year like other years, a large number of people are suffering from dengue fever and many are dying. But experts say that it is possible to avoid dengue if you are a little aware.

The regular dengue report of the Health Emergency Operation Center and Control Room of the Department of Health on Tuesday said that a record number of dengue patients have been detected in the country in the last 24 hours. During this period, 438 patients were admitted to hospital due to dengue, which is the highest so far. In total, the number of dengue patients admitted in different hospitals of the country is 1 thousand 560. However, no new patient died during this period.

On the surface, it was seen that 42 new dengue patients were admitted to Mugda Medical College and Hospital in the capital on Tuesday (September 20).

Hospital data entry operator Mahmuda Akhter Liza told Dhaka Times that two dengue patients died on Tuesday and 22 people returned home after recovery.

However, the information about the death of two people in Mugaday did not appear in the last 24-hour report of the Health Department. It will be added to the data of the next 24 hours, said the concerned.

Besides, 29 people were admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital on Tuesday. 13 people have returned home after recovery. Although not fully recovered, three people returned home at the request of the family. However, no new patient has died of dengue in Dhaka Medical, said the officials.

A person named Moinul Haque told Dhaka Times, I admitted my younger brother to Mugda Medical College and Hospital on Monday. I brought him when he was suffering from fever. After examination at the hospital, it was found that he was infected with dengue. As a result, I was forced to admit to the hospital.

Moinul Haque told Dhaka Times that if my brother had not been brought to the hospital, I would not have known that there are so many dengue patients admitted here.

Dr. Mugda Medical College and Hospital Director. Md. Niatuzzaman told Dhaka Times that the number of dengue patients in Mugda Medical College and Hospital is increasing day by day. Today, Tuesday, 96 dengue patients are admitted. Among them, 42 new admissions were made on Tuesday alone. 22 dengue patients have gone home after recovery. There are 18 children with dengue.

Niatuzzaman told Dhaka Times that the number of dengue patients in Mugda Medical College and Hospital has been increasing since the beginning of September. The admission rate of dengue patients is increasing every day. Patients are being admitted to our hospital from all areas of Dhaka. The arrival of patients from outside the capital is worth seeing. For example patients from Shariatpur, Madaripur, Narayanganj, Munshiganj, Comilla are also admitted in our hospital.

Niatuzzaman told Dhaka Times that avoiding the bite of Aedes mosquito is the main way to prevent dengue. Therefore, mosquito breeding should be prevented by destroying the habitat of mosquitoes. For this, it is necessary to remove the water trapped in various reservoirs suitable for the propagation of Aedes mosquitoes, such as: cups, tubs, tires, can shells, pits, roofs, etc.

The director of Mugda Medical College and Hospital said that the monitoring of the City Corporation should be increased. Dengue eradication programs should be given more emphasis in each area.

Dhaka Medical College Hospital Director Brigadier General Md. Nazmul Haque told Dhaka Times that everyone can see that dengue patients are increasing. However, hardly any patients are coming to our Dhaka Medical College and Hospital. Our hospital has 12 units working with dengue patients. Sometimes patients are seen to come even with corona virus and dengue infection together. We are providing treatment for both diseases together.

Nazmul Haque told Dhaka Times that compared to the number of patients a month ago, the number of patients has increased.

Nazmul Haque told Dhaka Times that the Aedes mosquito only bites during the day. As a result, there is a high risk of contracting this disease during the day. It usually occurs during the monsoon season. Rainwater and impure water accumulated in different places for four/five days is the breeding ground of Aedes mosquito. If you can stop the mosquito breeding, the risk of spreading this disease is also reduced.

(Dhakatimes/September 20/PR/KM)

The article is in Bengali

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