CID raid in Salt Lake, recover dollars, arrest 6

Calcutta: CID attack. State intelligence forces raided Fauve in Salt Lake sector. Arrested for running fake call center 6.

AQ6 Building in Sector Five. A fake call center was being run for many days in that multi-storied two-story building in Sector Five. The allegations of misappropriation of lakhs of rupees were against the fake employees of the fake organization. The state intelligence agency raided the building on Monday. 6 people were arrested. According to sources, the 6 people arrested include the two main ringleaders of the fake call center. The two pandas caught are Zafar Ibrahim and Badsha.

On the one hand, the accused have been arrested in a surprise attack by the State Intelligence Force, on the other hand, several laptops have been recovered. Foreign dollars and several documents were recovered. Who else is involved with this is being investigated. State intelligence forces are active to find out whether there are foreign links to fake call centers.

Incidentally, fake call centers are scattered like frog umbrellas in the city of Kolkata. Sometimes fake call center scandals make headlines. Baguiati police recently raided the second floor of Amarjyoti Apartment on the charge of running a fake call center in Jangra Chowmatha, Baguiati. The search lasted till night. However, the workers had somehow got the news that the police were coming. So they ran away earlier. Many documents and electronic devices were seized from the call center. Initially, the investigators think that the citizens of foreign countries were being cheated from here. Earlier, seven people were arrested for running a fake call center from Taratala. A few months ago, a multi-storey raid was conducted in that area. The police officers were shocked by raiding a three-storey house in Webel IT Park. A fake call center was opened in the heart of the city. Several computers, high-end gadgets were arranged. There were multiple telephones. Several people were arrested from there. More information comes out when they are interrogated.

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