Hair Dryer Blast In Salon, Injured Many Customers Video Goes Viral


Narayanganj, Bangladesh: Desperate to get a haircut at the salon. Hair Dryer Blast in Salon caused fire by short circuit. The video has already gone viral on Twitter. The employee of the salon and the person who came to get a haircut were injured in the terrible explosion. If you watch the 30-second video, you will practically shudder. The tragic incident happened in a salon in Narayanganj area of ​​Bangladesh.

Do you care about the hair dryer at home? There is no risk to use?

Incidentally, most of the time mechanical objects are depended on, but not taken care of. Nor does it care how the device reacts. Is it being charged at the correct voltage? Is its resistance correct, is it overheating during charging, these issues are often overlooked. However, after the incident in Narayanganj area of ​​Bangladesh, how many people remain cautious. Do you care about the hair dryer at home? The question has arisen. However, apart from hair dryer, saver, trimmer-salon equipment, there is a possibility of this accident. So customers should take care before using these devices. Care should be taken in use.

As the gas leaks, it basically acts as a catalyst

It is known that due to the gas leak of the air conditioner of that salon, it basically acted as a catalyst. So as soon as the hair dryer was turned on, the fire spread throughout the salon. But before anything could be understood, the saloon was instantly engulfed in flames. It gets dark, the whole shop. However, the netizens claimed that the accident could have been avoided if the whole matter had been known in advance.

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