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Ishwardi Railway Footover Bridge is like a death trap!

Ishwardi Railway Footover Bridge is like a death trap!
Ishwardi Railway Footover Bridge is like a death trap!

Thousands of people risk their lives to cross the Ishwardi Railway Footover Bridge every day. Most of the steps of this century-old footover bridge have collapsed. The construction of another new bridge next door has not been completed in a year and a half. As a result, the old bridge has to be moved with risk.

On the surface, it was seen that the passengers are moving very slowly from the railway ticket counter to the footover bridge. The concrete steps of the stairs broke and the rod came out. Looking at the steps, many people get scared. The sick, elderly and children do not want to move up the stairs.

Footover Bridge of Ishwardi Railway Junction Station in Pabna built during the British period. Touching 100 years old. The footover bridge was constructed in 1923 to allow railway passengers to travel to the station platform and to move people from the eastern and western parts of the city. After collecting tickets, passengers have to go to the platform through this bridge.

Subir Biswas, a resident of Skulpara area on the western side, said, ‘This footover bridge has created a bridge between the people of the western and eastern parts of the city. The wooden floor of this bridge, which was built long ago, the steps of the stairs have been changed many times and finally concreted. Now the steps are broken. It is very important to change them. A major accident can happen at any moment.’

Passenger Mahfuzur Rahman Shipon said, ‘The steps of the stairs were broken and the rod came out. Stair steps need to be changed quickly to avoid major accidents.’

Train passenger Mozammel said, ‘I travel by train every week. Passengers are walking at risk as the steps of the stairs are broken. The concerned authorities are sitting there pretending not to see it. Accidents like falling down the stairs can happen at any moment.’

The stair step rod is out

Ishwardi Junction Station Superintendent (SS) Mohibul Islam said, ‘Traveling on the stairs of the bridge is very dangerous. The concerned Divisional Bridge Engineer has been informed for speedy change of steps.’

Pakshi divisional railway bridge engineer Najeeb Kawshar said, ‘I know about the problem of stairs of footover bridge. The site has been visited. The stair steps will be changed soon. Construction of new footover bridge is in progress. Hopefully the construction work will be completed within the next 4 months.

The article is in Bengali

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