Brahmastra Review | Brahmastra review: how Ayan Mukherjee’s fantasy drama with Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt fared dgtl

Parents died when he was young. The orphan boy understands from a young age why he is different from the rest. Suddenly he learns that he is the real warrior in the battle between good and evil. Nothing can suppress evil. Because Satan is neither alive nor dead. But it is getting stronger day by day. In the end, good wins. And the main weapon of this fight is love. Does the story sound familiar? It won’t take long for Harry Potter fans to recognize. But this story is not only about their bespectacled magician. This story is close to our house, dear Ranlia’s ‘Brahmastra’ too! Although the story is mixed with a bit of Avengers exploits. Borrowing from two popular fantasy series, but ‘Brahmastra’ could not provide the same entertainment!

Director Ayan Mukherjee’s dream film is Brahmastra. He worked on this ‘basic’ story for about six years. One of the producers Karn Johar announced this film in 2017. After that shooting took a lot of time. Sometimes there is a delay due to the epidemic. It will take time to make a film with a budget of 410 crore rupees. As the story of the film is about various weapons, the director has used various weapons to win the hearts of the audience. His first weapon must be to create ‘spectacle’. The VFX work throughout the film is eye-opening. Hesekhel can compete with the special effects of any Marvel or DC film. For so long Tabar Tabar special effects of big budget southern films used to impress the shelves. This time, the makers have surpassed all that and worked with international standards. As a result, the picture looks great.

The look is even better, as there are two incredibly beautiful actors on screen like Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. There is no doubt that they are now number one in Bollywood in terms of appearance and quality. And they are the second weapon of Ayan. The third weapon is definitely the star guest artist. From Shahrukh Khan, Nagarjuna to Dimple Kapadia—who all made cameos in this film, the audience couldn’t take their eyes off it for a few minutes. This time let’s come to the fourth weapon of the film – the villains of the film. The main villain is just a very mundane figure. Which we either see in the Tulicolor style of drawing comics, or in the Velki of VFX. The second part of this series revolves around him. The director has successfully created enough curiosity around this Voldemort-cum-Thanos-branded villain. Whispers are heard that Hrithik Roshan or Ranveer Singh have been offered the role in the second film. Who will be this enigmatic ‘god’, there will be good enthusiasm among the audience? Mouni Roy in the second villain film. Her character is very similar to Nagini in Voldemort’s pair. Mouni, however, herself has done the popular serial ‘Naagin’ for a long time. So fantasy genre can be called his home ground. No, she’s not quite the influence of Marvel’s Scarlet Witch (played by Elizabeth Olsen on screen), but she’s moving in that direction.

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This time let’s come to some weapons that are not so sharp. Romance is one of the most important parts of the film. For the audience and also for Shiva, the hero of the story. He will suppress the most powerful power with the power of love. But it should not freeze. The love that destroys the most dangerous weapon in the universe, is it still the same love? Five of romance ion’s hands. The one who showed such mature love in ‘Wake Up Seed’, the one who wrote heart-touching scenes between Deepika and Ranveer in ‘Yeh Jawaani…’ has completely failed to make love on screen this time. Ranveer-Alia’s love will never fade. The story of Shiva-Isha’s love does not progress, it stumbles. The audience will wonder, when will something happen again in the story. Where did Kabir-Nayna’s stomach-churning love dialogue go, where is the scene of tears in the throat? Shiva-Isha is very pale. The audience will not understand why they are falling in love. The weaving of such a raw love story from Ayan was disappointing.

After that let’s come to the song of the film. The film has so many songs that it can be called a musical. Arijit Singh’s ‘Kesharia’ and ‘Deba Deba’ were good to listen to, but they could not become ‘Ilahi’ or ‘Kabira’. The rest of the songs will not be remembered after leaving the hall. A big contribution behind the success of ‘Yeh Jawani…’ was the film’s every hit song. The film may do well at the box office, but not for the songs.

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The story of the film is inspired by many stories. The director has done a good job mixing Indian mythological stories with foreign fantasy series. As Thanos was chasing the mighty stone of the universe, here the gods are looking for the Brahmastra. Apart from that, Pavanastra, Kavajastra, Nandi weapon, fire weapon, there are many things! It would not hurt to hear all those stories from the mouth of Dumbledore-like guru Amitabh Bachchan. No matter where the story is inspired from, a curiosity of ‘what if, what if’ is created. Many questions will not be answered in this film. They will have to wait for the second episode. But Ayan has managed to create the curiosity in the mind of the audience to want to wait.

However, despite all the weapons, one weapon is missing – the brain. The amount of attention required to tell the story of a fantasy series, Ayan has lost in the dance-sing-thunko romance. For those who are used to watching ‘Game of Thrones’ (the comparison has to be drawn, because here the hero is repeatedly called a dragon, he does not burn on fire like the Targaryens) this battle of good and evil is old. Everyone wants to see a tense battle without hearing policy stories. Equally equal. Love conquers all, this story also rotted. Is nothing new coming out of the head? Felu Mittir used to tell Nirghat that the brain has not been healed for a long time. So this is the situation!

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