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World Suicide Prevention Day 2022: Is mental health breakdown pushing you towards suicide? Smartphone will warn Futuristic Suicide Prevention Tech in Development That Might Help People

World Suicide Prevention Day 2022: Is mental health breakdown pushing you towards suicide? Smartphone will warn Futuristic Suicide Prevention Tech in Development That Might Help People
World Suicide Prevention Day 2022: Is mental health breakdown pushing you towards suicide? Smartphone will warn Futuristic Suicide Prevention Tech in Development That Might Help People

Mental Health: As the pace of life has increased, the nature of work has changed. The distance is near, the time has decreased instead. Less time to talk, less time to express yourself. And as a result, the tendency of suicide is increasing. Today, September 10, is World Suicide Prevention Day. On this occasion, various awareness programs will be organized all over the world, but how successful are aware citizens in making others aware? To fill this deficiency, people resort to AI or artificial intelligence.

“There will be obstacles in the development of technology, that is natural. But in this case, the doors of opportunity that open one after another are incredible”, says optimistic Rebecca Barnert, founding member of Stanford University School of Medicine. According to the researchers, AI can be used alongside a counselor in understanding suicidal tendencies. AI is able to perform the equivalent of a doctor by examining the patient’s health records, diaries and behaviors. According to the WHO report, about 45% of those who commit suicide may have visited a doctor just one month before the suicide, and even only 20% of those citizens consulted a mental health specialist!

No one has time to think about mental health in the busy schedule. And so in this case, the researchers accept that technology is the only way. Research is going on making full use of AI. Efforts are being made to improve mental health with new techniques. And in this case, the mobile phone in the hand can play a big role in preventing suicide, the technologists say.

Your voice is the mirror of your mind

Use a smartphone? Then this phone will tell the story of your mental health. Recently, researchers at the Workster Polytechnic Institute are trying to build an AI-based app, which will use artificial intelligence to tell how likely the smartphone user is to commit suicide!

This AI based program is called EMU (Early Mental Health Uncovering). According to the researchers, this app will analyze the voice using sensors after receiving all kinds of approvals on the phone. In this case, the specific script contained in the app may have to be read, and this app may also take part of the call recording. According to psychologist Edwin Bordeaux, “A man’s voice reveals his attitude. This task is not possible for ordinary people, but after testing on many people, AI becomes particularly good at this task.”

This app is currently under construction. “What this app does is, in a word, you can call it an autopsy of the phone,” said Bourdieux. If you are particularly concerned about phone data or privacy, talk to your therapist. If the app somehow detects suicidal tendencies, it can alert your therapist directly. As a result, the therapist’s approval is required before using any such app, the researchers say.

Tech giants are now in the field to prevent suicide

Not only mental health researchers, but also tech giants have entered the field to prevent suicide. Google has collected information from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Suicide Prevention Lifeline) and the Trevor Project (Trevor Project), an LGBTQ hotline. According to sources, the Trevor Project asks for answers to three questions via chat, phone or offline messages, and then the user is contacted by authorities. The AI ​​takes into account the phrasing of the smartphone user’s sentences in response. And this word reflects mental health. Fellows have already invested in the project, according to news sources.

Migrant workers also need mental health services

Many people have chosen the path of liberation through self-immolation after losing their jobs during the Corona period. Army, police or health workers…many people have committed suicide due to mental injuries during the epidemic. However, the US Department of Health (CDC) clarifies that the rate of suicide among construction workers is not very low. Workers associated with the construction industry have a high rate of physical injury, physical harassment is also high, and the possibility of job loss is also serious in the case of migrant workers.

US organization JobSiteCare has entered the field to improve mental health. Basically, this organization is standing by the construction workers through telemedicine. The helpline of this organization is open 24X7. However, in countries like India where migrant workers face daily problems, industry experts are wondering when such telemedicine services will be introduced.

AI is not human, so be careful!

AI is not human anyway. And so AI is more likely to make mistakes. It is possible for artificial intelligence to mistakenly label a citizen as ‘suicidal’, leaving someone who is truly mentally ill in the dark. According to Metaverse, Facebook has already used AI to become aware of the mental health of netizens.

According to technology experts, AI tries to create an accurate understanding of people’s mental health by collecting data from multiple sources, Facebook Live, posts, videos or audio podcasts… It is reported that several organizations in various countries of the western world have joined hands with Meta to provide emotional support to netizens. Mental health experts also talked to netizens through Facebook Messenger. However, when such tech support will be introduced in mental health countries like India, experts are not in a position to give an answer right now.

Will your information remain confidential?

AI’s slightest misstep in data verification can get you into trouble, tech experts say. AI has been called in by the police for mental health checks using social media platforms, a recent example in the US. Psychologist Edwin Bourdieux explains that it is wrong to rely on such an app in such a situation. According to Edwin, “Calling the police will do absolutely nothing. In that case the person who is mentally weak may become more upset. Not everyone is comfortable talking to everyone about mental health.”

According to the Journal of Law and the Biosciences (Journal of Law and the Biosciences), the European Union (European Union) has stood in the way of Facebook taking legal action to maintain privacy. Also if AI knows all the information from your phone, knowing everything about you effortlessly, then there is a fear of data theft. Who will ensure that all the apps that are still in use in the name of providing emotional support, do not hand over your information to hackers without your knowledge? But the question remains.

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