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Dengue patients: admitted 9 days 1915, died 10 | 1181950 | The voice of time

Dengue patients: admitted 9 days 1915, died 10 | 1181950 | The voice of time
Dengue patients: admitted 9 days 1915, died 10 | 1181950 | The voice of time

Dengue has started to take a terrible form in the country. One thousand 915 patients were admitted to the hospital on the 9th day of this month. 10 people died during this time. This year, 11 people have died due to dengue in the month of August.


As always, the dengue outbreak is high in the capital. There are currently 770 patients admitted in 50 public and private hospitals in Dhaka. Out of this, 60 patients are admitted to Mitford Hospital and 50 patients are admitted to Mugda Medical College Hospital. The number of patients in other hospitals is also relatively high.

83 dengue patients are hospitalized in Chittagong division outside Dhaka. 62 of them are from Cox’s Bazar. A total of 15 people died of dengue in Cox’s Bazar this year.

Experts say that if dengue outbreak increases, fogging should be done by identifying hotspots i.e. mosquito breeding places. In that case, it should be identified in which area dengue patients are increasing and mosquito killer drugs should be sprinkled around the house with the data of dengue patients from the hospital. But the city corporation was not seen to take any such step. Dengue outbreak will increase if the city corporation fails in hotspot management.

Jahangirnagar University Zoology Department Professor Kabirul Bashar said that dengue situation will remain bad throughout September. There will be an outbreak of dengue in October this year as well. Because dengue outbreak starts after 20 to 25 days after it rains. Dengue patients should be kept under mosquito nets and hotspot management should be done. Instead of waiting for the city corporation, the accumulated water should be cleaned personally.

Meanwhile, 25 percent of children are being admitted to Dhaka Children’s Hospital with fever. Most of these children are bringing dengue. And one of the reasons for the death of children in dengue is that they are coming at the very last time, said the assistant professor of the Children’s Hospital. Kamruzzaman. He said, children should not be delayed even a day if they have fever. Children who suffer from kidney-liver disease should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Also, the medicine cannot be given to the child based on guesswork from the pharmacy.

In the last 24 hours (from last Thursday 8 am to last Friday 8 am), 145 new patients were admitted to the hospital due to dengue. Among the newly admitted patients, 140 from Dhaka Division and five from other divisions. In the previous 24 hours, 275 patients were admitted to the hospital.

Doctors say that one of the causes of death in dengue is late arrival at the hospital. Any symptoms including fever, vomiting and body ache should be tested for dengue without delay. Many people think that the patient is cured when the fever subsides. But in case of dengue, the patient goes to critical stage only when the fever subsides.

According to the Health Emergency Operation Center and Control Room of the Department of Health, 3,521 dengue patients were admitted to the hospital last August and 11 died. A total of 886 dengue patients are currently admitted in various public and private hospitals of the country. Among them, 721 patients in Dhaka and 165 patients in other departments outside Dhaka are hospitalized.

31 people died due to dengue this year. Seven thousand 951 patients were admitted to the hospital. Among them, 6 thousand 448 people were admitted in Dhaka. And 1 thousand 503 patients have been admitted in other departments outside Dhaka. Out of this 7 thousand 34 patients have recovered and returned home.

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