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One is suicidal, the family is ruined for life

One is suicidal, the family is ruined for life
One is suicidal, the family is ruined for life

After passing HSC from Notre Dame College in the capital, Imam Hossain was admitted to Dhaka University’s Institute of Education and Research (IER) for the 2018-19 academic year. He committed suicide at his home in Ghazirpar village of Ujirpur upazila of Barisal on August 17, 2020, just one and a half years after his admission to the university. Later it is known that Imam Hussain had a love affair. Due to the breakdown of that relationship, he committed suicide without thinking about his family or parents. In this, the dream that the farmer father was building up around him, seemed to end in an instant. Not only that, Imam Hussain’s helpless father Tota Chowkidar broke down mentally.

Talking about the mental illness and long struggle after the death of his son, Tota Chowkidar told Jago News, “Six months after my son committed suicide, I have become completely normal.” My son was very talented. Son will go to Dhaka to study in college. So I took admission in Dhaka and stayed with him. He was admitted to the university. Then suddenly one day I heard that he has a relationship with a girl. Because of that suddenly the boy committed suicide. I am making the boy study very hard. But suddenly he died. I will name my family and area, but instead of that, the opposite has happened.

Zulfikar Rod Mill in Narayanganj worked. Anwar Hossain. His wife lives with three daughters in Palshiya, Gopalpur, Tangail. In March 2021, Anwar’s wife Hashina Begum committed suicide leaving behind three daughters. Not only socially, Anwar with three daughters is also in trouble in the family. She lives with three daughters aged 17, 16 and 7 years of emotional pain.

Anwar told Jago News about his problems after the death of his wife Hashina Begum, ‘I was mentally broken. Women have more problems when their wives die. Everyone says the three girls don’t have a mother. Living with three daughters without a mother is very difficult. I had to leave the girls at my mother’s house and move to Narayanganj. There is always a worry after keeping girls like this nowadays.’

Not only these incidents, actor Riyaz’s father-in-law businessman Abu Mohsin Khan committed suicide by shooting himself in the head after coming to Facebook live in Dhanmondi area of ​​the capital, expressing his frustration and sadness, which shocked the entire nation.

9099 suicides per year, the trend is high among teenagers

According to psychologists, thinking that life is unnecessary, life is meaningless, depression and other negative thoughts lead people to commit suicide.

According to a statistic of the World Health Organization, six people commit suicide every year in Bangladesh. According to the latest census (16 crore 51 lakh) 9 thousand 909 people commit suicide in a year. This suicide rate is highest among teenagers and young adults aged 15 to 29 years.

According to the data provided by the National Institute of Mental Health, an average of 10,000 people commit suicide in the country every year. During covid it increased to around 14 thousand.

According to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), 13 thousand 814 people committed suicide at the rate of 8.5 per lakh in the 2020 survey. At that time the total population of the country was estimated to be 17 crore 16 lakh. Male and female suicide rates are almost equal. More than 11,000 people committed suicide in the first 10 months of 2021. In this, more than 100,000 people suffer from mental stress after the suicide incident, including the family and relatives of the suicide victim. Besides, family and relatives have to go through various social problems including loss of honor. They have to get into this problem only because of suicide. Along with that there are social and financial losses.

Many countries around the world criminalize suicide. Suicide is not legal in Bangladesh. So suicide is a crime here. Not only in law but also in religious terms it is a great sin and crime.

The family has to bear the grief of someone’s suicide

In this regard, the crime expert and the dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Dhaka University, Professor Dr. Zia Rahman told Jago News that when the competition increases in the society, the pressure on people’s minds increases, the pressure of life increases, suicide occurs. But suicide is a crime. Because the society and laws of our country do not allow it to end a life. Suicide has an adverse effect on the family and society. This increases the tendency of suicide in the society. The people of that family have to go with the mental pressure. Not only that, the family also has to go through an adverse situation in the society. A family stigma, you have to live with it, you have to move on.

Due to the suicide of a family member, a family has to go through many problems in the society along with mental stress. At this time, the chairperson of the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology of Dhaka University highlighted the problems of the family. Mehzabin Haque told Jago News that the family suffered a great loss at first. Goes through an event that the family perceives socially. People may see him differently. They have to face these things. There is a place for their pain and they are also under a lot of stress. Why didn’t they do it, didn’t teach them properly, each person talks differently and the family can guess who will say what. People cannot control themselves. Those around the family don’t try to understand it. There are various curiosity to know. But no one tries to understand their suffering. It should be avoided.

Napoleon Bonaparte said, ‘Suicide is the greatest act of cowardice in life’. Therefore, in order to reduce the number of suicides, it is important to give importance to the responsibility of the family and society, giving importance to the life and trivializing the death.

What to do to prevent suicide

Highlighting several points to avoid situations like suicide, Professor Zia said that one cannot be separated from family and society. Don’t have to struggle with yourself constantly. Let the family bond remain. Excessive addiction, illegal relationships should be avoided. The process of growing up as a social person cannot be avoided. Being involved in sports, social and cultural work, creative work as much as possible, should be focused. It is not about having to do something or get something.

The government has set a target of reducing the suicide rate in the country to 2.4 percent by 2030. For this purpose, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) has also announced to take various social steps. Experts urge everyone in the society to come forward and emphasize on mental health. In this regard, Professor Dr. Mehzabin Haque told Jago News that proper treatment is essential. Also listening to those who go into suicidal situations and bringing them back from there and encouraging them to do good deeds. Human life is precious so it should not be destroyed.

95% of mental patients do not receive treatment, patients who need treatment
There are many reasons why people commit suicide. To get out of this, it is important to always have society and family by people’s side. The National Institute of Mental Health provides treatment for these mentally disturbed people. Most psychiatric patients who seek treatment return to healthy and normal lives. Former director of the National Institute of Mental Health Professor Dr. MA Mohit Kamal told Jago News that people don’t understand that their family members or neighbors are in deep depression. He should be taken for treatment. He does not come for treatment. We observed in our observation that 95 percent of total mental patients do not receive treatment. They are deprived of this treatment due to social ignorance and lack of awareness. But almost all of those who come for treatment return healthy and normal. So it is important to treat the suicidal patient.

Dr. MA Mohit Kamal said, first of all, the family members should be made aware of bringing the suicidal person back to a healthy and normal state. In addition to this, friends, teachers, colleagues or people around should be aware. Only then the number of suicides will decrease.


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