Aircraft parts sold to Pakistan, US diplomat assures India

Help in maintenance of combat aircraft

Donald Lu told the All India Press, “Several Indian diplomats have expressed concern about aid to Pakistan.” But I want to say one thing clearly, this money is not helping Pakistan to buy any aircraft. It is an American security and maintenance program. No new aircraft is envisaged here. Pakistan is not being helped to buy any new weapons. He said that Pakistan has very old aircraft of F-16 series. Some of these aircraft are more than 40 years old. Such aircraft can pose a threat to pilots and other civilians. That is why this aid has been approved for Pakistan. He said, Pakistan has been sold parts of F-16 warplanes. This is no help.

Opposite of Trump’s decision

The Trump administration has repeatedly appealed to Pakistan not to support terrorism. In 2018, then US President Donald Trump cut off $2 billion in aid to Pakistan for failing to crack down on the Taliban and Haqqani network militants. With that help, the Biden administration is believed to have started somewhat anew.

Chinese military presence along the LAC

Chinese military presence along the LAC

Donald Lu also commented on the presence of Chinese troops along the LAC to the all-India media. He said that this problem can be solved through talks between India and China. But China lacks a sincere effort to solve the problem. He said that China is repeatedly showing its strength to intimidate India. However, he also assured that India will stand by America as an ally in adverse situations.

India's position on the Ukraine war

India’s position on the Ukraine war

Regarding India’s position in the Ukraine war, he said that almost all countries opposed Russia’s military operations. India’s neutral position in the Ukraine-Russia war does not mean being an ally, each country will have a position in each case. India has condemned the brutal killings carried out by the Russian army in Bucha, Ukraine. India buys oil from Russia defying US pressure. In this context, Lu said, the price of oil is constantly increasing. There is no room for denial.

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