There is no achievement, the body was found at the border

There is no achievement, the body was found at the border
There is no achievement, the body was found at the border

BNP’s Mirza Fakhrul Islam Algir has commented that there is no visible achievement of Bangladesh in the Prime Minister’s visit to India. After paying respects at the grave of martyred President Ziaur Rahman in Sher Bangla Nagar yesterday, what has Bangladesh achieved in the Prime Minister’s visit to India? The BNP Secretary General made that comment in response to such a question from the journalists. He said that a Bangladeshi was killed at the Dinajpur border when the Prime Minister was in India. We found the body.

On the occasion of the 44th founding anniversary of the Nationalist Women’s Party, BNP Secretary General paid tribute to Ziaur Rahman’s grave with the leaders and activists led by the organization’s President Afroza Abbas and General Secretary Sultana Ahmed. Later, a special prayer was offered for the repose of the late leader’s soul.

BNP Secretary General said, the achievement of Bangladesh in this visit of the Prime Minister so far we can see that 53 cusecs of water from Kushayara river. Besides, till now we have not seen any visible achievement. What I can see is a defense deal worth 500 million dollars from India to buy vehicles. And it has been said that killings on the border will be brought to zero. On the day this was said, one person was killed on the border of Dinajpur and two people are still missing. It is an achievement. These are our visible achievements.
Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said, we have said earlier that the government is desperate to stay in power through another rigged election. You must remember that before this visit, the Foreign Minister said that he requested the Indian leaders to take measures to sustain the Awami League government by any means. We always believe in democracy. We believe that all countries that are democratic will always play their role in upholding the rights of the people to uphold democracy around the world. India is our friend ideal country, democratic country. We also believe that India will also keep its democratic character intact.

Mirza Fakhrul said that they have started the reign of terror in the whole country by showing the picture of the attack and torture in the whole country. Terrorism can never survive. Awami League ministers and MPs started saying that we will not obstruct the meeting. BNP will not be spared if they commit terrorist acts. I say, BNP does not believe in terrorism and does not do terrorism. Till now, there is no picture of BNP terrorism, the only picture of terrorism is that the terrorists of Chhatra League and Jubo League attacked the peaceful program of democracy loving people. We strongly condemn and will defeat them with the power of the people.

Begum Khaleda Zia under house arrest BNP Secretary General said, the mother of our democracy who has dedicated her whole life for democracy, the national leader Begum Khaleda Zia has been sentenced to house arrest in a false case. He is still being held in critical condition without treatment. Our Acting Chairman Tariq Rahman has been exiled abroad after being convicted on a false case. He also said that false cases have been filed against 3 million leaders and workers. When we are peacefully protesting against the increase in the price of daily commodities, two of our workers died in Bhola protesting their killing and Shaon killing in Narayanganj, when we are peacefully protesting against the increase in prices of daily commodities, the government tortures thousands of people with their police forces and terrorist forces. Anonymous is suing. Now they are going from house to house abusing and torturing. Fighting, fighting to bring back democracy, to bring back people’s right to vote. We believe that through this fight we will be able to defeat the terrible authoritarian Awami League government.

Helen Zerin Khan, Nazmunnahar Bebi, Nawaz Halima Arli, Chowdhury Nayab Yusuf and others of women’s party were present at this time. #

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