9 deaths due to lightning in Ullapara, two villages are in mourning

9 deaths due to lightning in Ullapara, two villages are in mourning
9 deaths due to lightning in Ullapara, two villages are in mourning

At that time, his nephew’s wife Maina Khatun said, “Mami is fainting again and again due to uncle’s grief. His two daughters Asma and Najma have been admitted to a hospital in Bogra as they fell ill due to their father’s grief.”

Ja Bahela Khatun of Surya Begum said, “Deceased Afsar Ali has three sons and two daughters. All boys eat separately. One of the two sons of deceased Shamser Ali has died. Another is sick. One of the three girls died earlier in the fire. Without government support, the two families will be completely destroyed.”

A little away from these houses are the houses of deceased Shamser Ali’s daughter-in-law Mofakkhar and grandson Monnaf. Mourning is also going on in that house due to the death of father and son. Everyone seems to have lost their language.

Monira Begum, a resident of a nearby village and a former woman councilor of Ullapara municipality, who came to console the bereaved, said, “All the five victims of the same family are day labourers. Their family was supported by agricultural work. There was no one left to earn money in the three families. The deceased Shamser Ali has no place, he used to live at his daughter’s son-in-law’s place. If the government and the rich don’t help, the families will be on the way.”

Going to the scene on Friday morning, it was seen that the sandals of the victims’ feet were lying on the spot; The irrigation pump is closed.

Nuru Joaddar, father of deceased Shah Alam Joaddar of Matikora village, said, “My son brought six farm laborers to pick paddy seedlings. He also goes to the spot to show the land. After rescuing the boy injured by lightning, I took him to the hospital; But before that he died.”

Manik Mia, son-in-law of the daughter of the deceased farmer Abdul Quddus of the same village, said, “When my father-in-law went to see the land, it started raining and thundering. So he took shelter in the irrigation house. He died on the way to the hospital in critical condition.”

Alim Mia’s daughter Ratna Khatun Ritu (12) and Mustafa’s daughter Maria (7) died. After being rescued from the spot, the relatives took them to the hospital where doctors declared them brought dead.

Four children of the same family of Matikora village and an agricultural laborer of Shibpur village survived, but the condition of three of them, including two children, is ‘alarming’, the doctor said.

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