We want Bangabandhu’s golden man to prevent corruption

We want Bangabandhu’s golden man to prevent corruption
We want Bangabandhu’s golden man to prevent corruption

In recent times, Bangladesh’s important and meaningful position in the international arena indicates Bangladesh’s capabilities. Bangladesh has been recognized as a role model in countering militancy/terrorism across the world which is a matter of great pride and dignity.. Because the significant and important decisions and successes of the current government in dealing with the dreaded militancy indicate the foresight of the government. The government’s zero-tolerance policy in countering militancy (howevertThe second attacktDhahpava Charsharpu) has emerged as highly effective. meaningt Irrespective of the party or position you belong to, if you are involved in militancy in any way, your identity becomes irrelevant to the government.. Then your only identity with the government is that you are a destroyer of order, Cause threat to life and property of common people, You are the enemy of the country and nation. So, You cannot have a party, You must be arrested, Must face trial. Here are the things to mentionÑ The government did not stop with the arrest of the accused in militancy, besides, the government paid special attention to the urgent need to finish the trial of the militants quickly, so the people of Bangladesh are able to walk without treading on the poisonous fumes of militancy..

Similar to militancy^A The government’s enviable success in countering the menace makes us optimistic. The zero tolerance policy of the government against drugs and the success rate of the government in the war against drugs is very promising. Likewise, the government’s adoption of a zero tolerance policy against corruption has added a new dimension to our hopes.

Already in various sectors against whom corruption allegations are being received on the basis of concrete evidencetBeing arrested momentarily, The property is being croaked. Not only that, The government is arresting those who have smuggled money and are staying outside the country and bringing them back to the country. These are very positive decisions and complement the development progress of Bangladesh. In this case, the media is working as a partner of the government, meaningt The media is helping the government to take the right decision. The government is taking measures for the welfare of the journalist brothers as soon as the pictures of corruption in various sectors come to the media. During Corona we have seen the sacking of public representatives who resorted to corruption with government relief, Penalties and fines have been awarded for different periods. It is a product of the government’s goodwill, Taking such measures can set an example for others and bring corruption under control to a large extent.

The government is determined to bring back money launderer PK Halder arrested in India and start trial. meaningt The government’s zero-tolerance policy against corruption has brought benefits to Bangladesh both internally and externally.^It has constantly enhanced the image of Bangladesh. Action has been initiated against the driver of the Health Department, OC Pradeep Ghosh’s corruption case has already been judged. Numerous examples of such incidents exist in contemporary Bangladesh. meaningt Roots of corruptiontGovernment’s multifaceted initiative in Patna has already responded in various sectors.

We need to take multi-pronged steps to get rid of the scourge and damage of corruption. That is what we often see, Anti-corruption action is taken as soon as it is reported. Many times, due to the lack of sufficient evidence, the criminals are getting away with the loopholes in the law. Therefore, it is important for us to take more conscious and self-initiative measures in this regard. because, Sometimes the news of corruption is published and in some places it remains unpublished, In this regard, ordinary citizens should be made interested in providing correct information to the law enforcement agencies. So we have to build a society where there is no scope for corruption (Proactive Action). meaningt To cure our corruption (control) resistance than (Prevention) Attention must be paid to and the prevention system is highly effective.

In order to prevent corruption, the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s lifelong cherished dream should take steps to create golden people..

Nationally, the ideals and philosophy of Bangabandhu should be widely propagated and practiced among the young generation of charioteers. After independence, Bangabandhu toured the country for the reconstruction of the country. During that time he gave speeches on related issues at various places. The point is that if we follow Bangabandhu’s ideals and philosophy and practice them everywhere, corruption will automatically disappear from this country.. He told the students to study, People should be like people, Exams should never be taken for granted. There is never a chance for misdeeds by those who are like human beings (combination of mind and intellect)., Corruption is the next thing. That is why we have to follow Bangabandhu’s philosophy in practice and devote ourselves to building the country.

Bangabandhu was very vocal against corruption and irregularities. he said, The band of thieves must be exterminated on the soil of Bengal. He inspired the people of Bengal to not be corrupt by themselves and to speak out against those who commit irregularities and corruption. Told the government employees, Whose money is your salary, No irregularity can be done with them. Because you are not an officer of British and Pakistan period. Besides, Bangabandhu ordered the officials to properly manage the state resources. So they are Bangabandhu’s golden people, Those who are responsible, Who never compromise with injustice and irregularity, He does not do irregularities himself and is always vocal against irregularities.

Due to the aforementioned reasons, the government should take similar measures to spread and practice Bangabandhu’s ideals and philosophy among people of all professions in Bangladesh.. We all know, Prevention is better than cure of crime and prevention of corruption is definitely better for the country and the decade. That is why Bangabandhu’s cherished dream of a lifetime should be to create golden people from home to home. in the real sense, People who are golden are aware of their responsibilities and are a voice of protest against injustice and irregularities. That’s the thing, I will not corrupt myself; I will not allow others to do corruption. It is with such a mentality that we should cooperate with each other in building our country. This is why we have to work shoulder to shoulder, Bangladesh has a history of sacrifices and endless hardships to place the country on the world map.

So we cannot let their sacrifice go in vain.

Can be said to be special, The party that led the liberation war is currently in power and for good reason people’s hopes and aspirations towards this party are high.. Not only that, Bangabandhu’s eldest daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is currently serving as the head of the government. According to him, this group should also take the responsibility of making Bangabandhu’s desired golden man. Zero tolerance policy against injustice and irregularities in every sector of the government must be fully implemented. People should be brought together, We all have to understand that this country belongs to us. So, if this country suffers in any way, I will, you, We will all suffer, And the country’s image is the worldIf the environment becomes better and better, the status of all of us will also be established. On the whole, we need to focus more on preventing corruption than curing it, and that’s why we all need to strive to become the golden man given by Bangabandhu.t, industrious, Must be patriotic and modern and creative in work.

Author: Assistant Professor and President

Department of Criminology and Police Science

Chittagong Worldthe school

The article is in Bengali

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