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Shah Syed Nasir Uddin of Sipahsala, the conqueror of Sylhet and Tarap (Rt.).

Shah Syed Nasir Uddin of Sipahsala, the conqueror of Sylhet and Tarap (Rt.).
Shah Syed Nasir Uddin of Sipahsala, the conqueror of Sylhet and Tarap (Rt.).

Muslim soldiers arrived at a place called Fatehpur in victory guise. The next morning, after offering Fajr prayers, Syed Nasir Uddin surrounded Gauda Govinda’s palace along with his army. None of Gauda Govinda’s Kuta Chakra could obstruct their journey. The sinner Gaur Govinda now felt that he had no escape. Gauda Govinda saw darkness all around. But Dhurta Govinda is not one to give up easily. Faced with defeat, Muslim thought to test Bahini again in a terrible trial by fire. Desperate to save his life on the one hand and the kingdom on the other hand, he sent a messenger to Muslim Bahini to test his fate for the last time. Gauda Govinda’s messenger said, “There is a big bow in our maharaja’s ashragar, if anyone can make Jya Yojana with that bow, then that person can defeat our maharaja.” Otherwise, no one will be able to harm our Maharaja even if he tries a hundred times. So if there is a mighty man in your army, try your luck with him. Sipahsala Nasiruddin Rah Shahjalal Rah heard. He consulted with him, and he also said that the person among you who has never performed Asr prayer can do this impossible task. That person will be able to make jya yojana to Gauda Govinda’s iron bow.

Hearing this, everyone bowed down. In fact, the king of Delhi, Alauddin Khilji, appointed Sipahsalar Syed Nasiruddin R.H. as the chief general of the Sylhet victory. As there was no answer from any side, Sipahsalar himself stood up and said, “As far as I know, I have never performed Asr prayer.” Please pray for me to do this. Within a moment, everyone was happy looking at the speaker’s face. That person is Syed Nasir Uddin of the famous Aulade Rasool Sipahsala.
(It should be noted here that Hazrat Shah Jalal was older than Nasiruddin. Therefore, he did all the work in consultation with Shahjalal. Besides, Nabi Khandan’s modesty was his nature.) Hazrat Shahjalal. He said happily, you are the only one who can do this impossible task. Then Syed Nasir Uddin. Gauda came to Govinda’s ashram with some trusted soldiers. Gaur Gobind thought what is impossible for this Muslim Bahini? Divine power says that when they have crossed the river full of water, it will not be impossible for them to work together. Despite that Gaur Gobind Syed Nasir Uddin Sipahsalar. Who allowed Dhanu to do Jya Yojana. Syed Nasir Uddin of Sipahsala. Saying Bismillah in the name of Almighty Allah, he picked up the bow at the first attempt and strung it effortlessly. The companions made the heavens and the air tremble with the sound of Allahu Akbar in their joyful voices, and the heart of the evil Govinda was seized. His last hope of saving the kingdom was shattered. He realized that it would be folly to engage in war with those who made the impossible possible. It will not be possible to save the state. Now we have to decide the way to save life. All his efforts ended in failure. Seeing no other way, the traitor Gaud Govinda hid himself with his family in an impenetrable room inside Rajpuri with the treasure and manikya.
Syed Nasir Uddin of Sipahsala received this news. Gauda along with all the soldiers appeared before Govinda’s Rajpuri. Then Hazrat Shahjalal, Sipahsala Syed Nasir Uddin. K Gaur stood in front of the high altar of Govinda’s Rajbari and requested him to give the azaan. Syed Nasir Uddin of Sipahsala. Gauda Govinda’s seven-storied palace trembled to the sound of its solemn call. Disoriented, Gauda Govinda fled for his life in the middle of the night. Truth is established over lies in pride of victory of Islam. Syed Nasir Uddin Rah. He conquered Sylhet and raised the victory flag of Islam.
Syed Nasir Uddin of Sipahsala. After the conquest of Sylhet, the Emperor of Delhi decided to punish the Hindu tyrant Raja Achak Narayan. Syed Nasir Uddin of Delhi Emperor Alauddin Khilji Sipahsala. Assigned responsibility on it. After entrusting the responsibility of the kingdom of Sylhet to Sikandar Gazi, the Sultan’s niece, he immediately set out for Tarap. Syed Nasir Uddin of Sipahsala. With a few thousand infantry and a thousand cavalry, he left for Tarap. He was accompanied by 12 auliyas. Hence Tarap was also called the land of Bar Auliya. The boundaries of Tarap kingdom extended across Habiganj district, B Baria and parts of Tripura. Tarap kingdom was earlier known as Rajpur and Tunganchal.

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