Even after years passed, the mystery of job student Akbar’s murder has not been revealed

Even after years passed, the mystery of job student Akbar’s murder has not been revealed
Even after years passed, the mystery of job student Akbar’s murder has not been revealed

Jagannath University (JOB) 12th batch management department fourth year student. A year has passed since the murder of Akbar Hussain Khan Rabbi, but the real mystery is still not revealed. The family and classmates have expressed their anger as no progress has been made in the investigation of the case.

On Friday (September 9), general students of Bhashashaheed Rafiq Bhavan of the university formed a human chain under the banner of demanding a fair investigation and trial of Akbar’s murder. Akbar’s elder sister Mocha was present at the time. Labani Khanam Ankhi and general students. A press conference was also held after the human chain.

It was informed in the press conference that Akbar Hossain Khan Rabbi, a fourth year student of Jagannath University’s 12th batch management studies department, left the mess in Old Dhaka on August 27, 2021. He said that his classmates were around when they contacted him several times on the phone that day. At last at 8:37 PM, elder sister contacted Akbar and said that she would return home shortly. Then at 8:53 PM, it is known that Akbar was thrown down from a flyover in Chittagong. Eyewitnesses rescued him unconscious and injured from the spot and admitted him to Chittagong Medical College. There was a deep wound on the left side of his waist from a blunt weapon. A large part of his brain was bruised after he was thrown from the flyover. Akbar died in the morning of September 1 after five consecutive days in the hospital’s ICU due to brain hemorrhage.

The students said that even after a long year, the criminals are still out of reach. As the police could not gather any satisfactory information for a long time, the investigation was handed over to the Chittagong PBI, but the PBI Chittagong is still unable to make any progress, he said. It still remains a mystery who planned and killed Akbar from Dhaka to Chittagong.

It was said in the press conference that Akbar’s mobile phone was hard reset within a day or two of the incident while unlocking it from the police station, as a result nothing was found from his phone. Meanwhile, several of Akbar’s friends and family members noticed sudden activity on his social media accounts. Such as changing the privacy of old status photos, locking Facebook accounts, etc.

Moulvibazar district student welfare president Wahidur Rahman Deni said in the conference, even after a year of his death, it is not known how Akbar went to Chittagong. Although his phone was reset, but the investigators could not give an answer as to why it was reset. They are also unable to say who is currently running Akbar’s Facebook ID. If the mystery of Akbar’s murder is not revealed soon, we will go on a strong agitation.

Akbar’s elder sister and former student of Jagannath University Mocha. Labani Khanam Ankhi said, even after a year has passed, my brother’s killer and murder mystery are still not known. It is very painful for me and our family members. Akbar’s dream was to become the AD of Bangladesh Bank and he was preparing himself that way, but what happened!

In the press conference, on behalf of Akbar’s family, the elder sister and students demanded a fair investigation and trial of this brutal murder immediately.

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