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Jessore’s 5 month old cow is worth five lakhs

Jessore’s 5 month old cow is worth five lakhs
Jessore’s 5 month old cow is worth five lakhs

‘Jhantu’ is a curvy cow from Manirampur, Jessore. This 5 month old ram calf is 17 inches tall and 31 inches long. However, the weight will be around 20 kg.

This 5-month-old ram calf from Manirampur has the potential to be the curmest cow in the world. In 2015, the Guinness World Records held the ‘Manikan’ cow from Kerala, India, with a height of 24 inches and a weight of 40 kg. Later, in a farm in Ashulia, the cow named ‘Rani’ was placed in the Guinness record. This cow was 20 inches tall and weighed 26 kg. Because of this, many think that this cow named Jhantu can be placed in the Guinness record.

The pet cow gave birth to this female calf at Sarwar’s house in Khamarbari village of Khanpur union of Manirampur upazila, the day after last Eid. The calf was smaller at birth than it is today.

There is no end of joy at home with the calf after its birth. Crowds gather at the house from far and wide to catch a glimpse of the shriveled calf. Everyone in the house lovingly named Jhuntu. The beloved cow of the house eats like a normal cow. But still there was no increase in height, length or even weight. Many people want to buy the calf already. The price of which has been raised to 5 lakhs. The owner of the calf refused to buy it for one and a half lakh rupees.

Owner Sarwar Hossain said that there are three cows in his house. Three cows were inseminated from a local. Of these, two cows gave birth to normal calves, but one cow gave birth to a deformed calf. Two days ago some people from Pabna district came home. Want to buy the calf. They ask the price of the calf 5 lakh rupees. But they didn’t sell even if they wanted to pay 1.5 million taka.

Saiful Kabir, a cow seed seller, said that he sold ADL (American Dairy Limited) company’s seed. Although this semen was given for three cows of Sarwar, one Baon (Kharbakrati) ram gave birth to a calf.

Upazila Livestock Officer Dr. Partha Pratim Roy said it could be due to genetic reasons. But, I can tell the rest by looking at the calf.

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