Apple unveils iPhone Watch and AirPods

Apple unveils iPhone Watch and AirPods
Apple unveils iPhone Watch and AirPods

Cupertino-based tech giant Apple has unveiled the much-awaited iPhone 14 series, new sports smartwatch and AirPods in the tech market. Among the various features of the new iPhone, improved cameras and satellite connectivity are at the center of consumer discussion. Along with the iPhone 14 series, the tech giant also unveiled the Extreme Sports Wearable Watch Ultra. The entire event highlighted the next-generation iPhone, watch and AirPods products.

iPhone has unveiled four smartphones under the 14 series. These are iPhone 14, 14S, iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. Two versions of the iPhone 14 have been introduced. One is 14, another is 14 plus. The new iPhones will be able to contact emergency help in times of emergency or in remote areas using satellite connectivity. Before using the feature, it will show the position of the satellites in or around the Earth orbit and give instructions to use it. Sending a message via satellite can take anywhere from 15 seconds to several minutes. The new series of devices will be able to use the feature through a software update. Users can use it for free for the first two years. The feature will be launched in the US and Canada in the first phase and will be rolled out to the rest of the countries in a phased manner.
A15 bionic chip is used in iPhone 14 and 14 Plus and A16 chip is used in Pro models. The iPhone 14 has a 6.1-inch diagonal all-screen OLED display, while the 14 Plus has a 6.7-inch display. Both the devices have 12-megapixel main and ultra-wide cameras. Apple claims the main camera can take 49 percent better low-light photos than previous versions. Apart from this, the device’s front camera has been given autofocus for the first time.
The design of iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max has been significantly changed. Especially the display of the device has been given a pill-shaped design. The black notch design has been removed with a new feature called Dynamic Island. The new feature is able to resize as needed. Display brightness and refresh rate will decrease when not in use. The device will be available in Black, Silver and Gold colors. The iPhone 14 series starts at $799 and the iPhone 14 Plus starts at $999.

Watch 8
Along with the iPhone, Apple also unveiled the Watch 8 series. It has added several new features, including car accident detection technology, temperature gauge as well as women’s period detection feature. Car crash detection technology is a new addition to the Watch 8. The watch can currently detect fatal accidents and notify emergency service providers of the wearer’s condition. In this case, besides informing the specific location of the casualty, his family will also be informed. Its price starts from 399 dollars.
Along with the Watch 8, Apple also unveiled the Watch Ultra. The tech giant brought it to compete with Garmin, Polar and other sports smartwatch marketers. All watches will have up to 36 hours of battery backup and up to 60 hours of extended battery life on a one-hour charge. According to Apple, any triathlon including swimming, cycling, running can be completed through it. Its price starts from 799 dollars.

Along with iPhone, watch, Apple also unveiled AirPods. It has added more advanced features than the previous version. If one of the AirPods is lost, the other can be found. AirPods have separate speakers in their casing. It will sound loudly when searching for a lost pair using the Find My app. Its price starts from $249.

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