Another serial closed in just seven months with three days’ notice to upset viewers before Puja

Banglahunt Desk: Serial (Bengali Serial) discontinuation has now become a contagious disease. Several serials have been canceled in the past few months. Some of the serials of different channels ran for a few months, some of them suddenly stopped after running for a few years. Another serial, Sun Bangla’s ‘Amar Sona Chander Kona’ is ending before Puja.

Jasmin Roy and Ravi Sou’s serial has a total duration of seven months. The audience of the serial loved the chemistry of Jasmine Robi pair. So the viewers are saddened by the news of the serial being stopped suddenly. But why the decision to stop the series after only seven months?

It is known that the decision has been taken to end the serial due to the low TRP of the serial and multiple character changes. Even the serials of second tier channels do not get special TRPs. If it is less than that, then there is nothing to do but finish the series.

Just three days before the closure, the channel authorities informed the crew. The last shooting took place on Wednesday. Actress Jasmin told the media that she has developed a good relationship while working with everyone. So sad to hear of the sudden termination. But he always tries to stay positive. When something begins, it must end.

Jasmine has taken a short break for now. He is also in talks about new work. Jasmine came up for practice a few days ago. Ex-boyfriend Gaurav’s new foreign girlfriend and engagement video went viral. However, Jasmine did not comment on this.

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