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Waste collection efficiency in the city is less than 50 percent

Waste collection efficiency in the city is less than 50 percent
Waste collection efficiency in the city is less than 50 percent

According to the 2014 waste database, a total of 47 thousand tons of waste will be generated in 2025. If this trend continues, solid waste generation will exceed 57,000 tonnes in 2030 and 77,000 tonnes by 2040. But in most cities of the country, the efficiency of waste collection is less than 50 percent.

Buet former professor. Ijaz Hossain has highlighted this information in a research article.

On Thursday (September 8) at Parliament Member’s Club with the members of the Standing Committee on Environment, Forest and Climate Change, he also said that the decomposing waste has made urban life very dangerous. Marginalized people suffer the most due to poor management of solid waste. Low-income people suffer especially due to the waste dumped in the slums.

Saber Hossain Chowdhury, President of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, was the chief guest at the meeting organized by Dustha Health Center (DSK) Consortium. DSK Executive Director Dr. Dibalok Singh chaired the meeting and spoke at the meeting. Shahe Alam, USAID Project Management Specialist Sumna Binte Masood, Chairman of the Save the Environment Movement (PABA) Abu Nasser Khan, Executive Director of the Coalition for the Urban Poor (CUP) Khondkar Rebecca Sun Yat, Researcher Aminur Rasool, Director of the Dhaka Calling Project Mahbul Haque, Rights of Slum Residents Central President of the Security Committee Hosne Ara Begum Rafeza and others.

In the meeting, Member of Parliament Saber Hossain Chowdhury said that 50 percent of waste in most cities is not being collected. As a result, these wastes are causing pollution in the city. Besides, a large amount of methane is released from the landfills around Dhaka. That gas is 100 times more harmful than carbon dioxide. In waste management we have to think about landfill concept. Talking about climate justice, here we are polluting ourselves.

Speakers in the meeting said that the solid waste management rules-2021 have been passed recently to achieve the goal of solid waste management in the country. Although several groundbreaking steps have been taken in the regulations, overall there is no clear idea of ​​what strategy or action plan the government has set for solid waste management. They also say that if solid waste management is not managed sustainably, most cities will become uninhabitable. In such a situation proper management of solid waste has become essential.

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