Neeraj Chopra | Neeraj Chopra targets gold in Paris Olympics, wants to focus on training dgtl

After winning gold in the Tokyo Olympics, his life changed overnight. He was unable to cope with the pressure of commercial and social responsibility. It took a long time to get back to practice. Neeraj Chopra does not want to make that mistake again. Bird’s eye gold this time in Paris Olympics. This javelin thrower of India is desperate to squeeze himself. Neeraj announced his plans after winning gold in the Diamond League on Thursday night.

He said, “Last year was a new experience. It was difficult to balance. Learned a lot from there. This time I will give some specific dates for commercial work. When it comes time for practice, I will concentrate fully on it, so that the preparation is done properly. Don’t want to rest too much. I want to start practicing soon. I decided not to eat too much to keep my weight under control.”

Neeraj also said, “It was too late to start training after the Olympics. More importantly, it was too late to regain fitness. It took a lot of effort to improve technique and physical strength. Now I am much more advanced in terms of technique.”

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Even after winning the gold in the Diamond League, throwing the javelin at a distance of 90 meters is still elusive to Neeraj. But the son of Haryana does not want to think about all this. He said, “I am not disappointed at all. It’s just a number. The real thing is how I performed on the day of the game. If you can win without touching 90 meters, that is real. So there is no pressure on me with 90m. Athletics athletes from all over the world now look up to Indian athletes. I want more players from India to come into athletics. Many more have participated in the Diamond League.”

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