The rule of succession in the British royal family

The British royal family is always the center of discussion. It is also considered as a matter of interest to all the people of the world. Everyone knows the history of British rule in India. Although that history is not forgotten, the scope of the British Empire is much smaller now. But there is no shortage of people’s interest in their royal family.

The history of the British Empire refers to the period of British rule in the Indian subcontinent from 1858 AD to 1947 AD. This regime was introduced in 1858 AD, when the rule of the East India Company was transferred to the British Crown or Queen Victoria.

Their power has changed over the ages. But it is limited within the family. Because the power of the British royal family is basically passed down from the king to the king’s son. If a king or queen dies, the eldest of his children; He will sit in power.

As such, after the death of King George VI, his daughter Elizabeth II ascended the throne. Before that, King George VI succeeded his father George V as the country’s king. Before that, Queen Victoria, mother of King George V, was on the British throne.

Since the parents had no sons, Queen Victoria and Elizabeth II succeeded to the throne. Because according to the rules of the royal family, if there are sons among the successors and if he is younger than the daughters, he will still sit on the throne.

But after the birth of Prince William’s daughter Princess Charlotte in 2015, this law was changed. As a result, Princess Charlotte could succeed her brother Prince Louis to the throne, should she have the chance.

The current line of succession to the British throne is Prince Charles, eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and father of Prince William. After that, Prince William can take the throne. Prince William is succeeded by his sons Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. As such, there is no possibility of Prince Harry sitting on the British throne.

As a result, according to the rules, after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her eldest son Charles became the new king. He was known as ‘Prince of Wales’ till now. You can declare yourself as ‘King’ through the ceremony next Saturday. He will make the announcement at St. James’s Palace in London, BBC said.


Queen Elizabeth II dies on September 8 (Thursday). He was 96 years old. He was sitting on the throne of Britain for 70 years of his life. This year marks the 70th anniversary of his accession to the throne.

Announcing the news, the royal family’s tweet referred to Charles and his wife Camilla as ‘The Queen Consort’. Charles became Prince at just three years old. He became king at the age of 73.


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