Rahul Gandhi’s t-shirt vs Narendra Modi’s suit price, Congress and BJP clash on Twitter

Rahul Gandhi’s t-shirt on target

A senior BJP leader attacked Rahul Gandhi on Twitter. Along with a picture of Rahul Gandhi wearing a white Burberry T-shirt, the BJP leader posted a picture of a similar Burberry T-shirt. There, the price of the T-shirt is written at Tk 41,000. Currently Rahul Gandhi is on ‘Bharat Joro’ programme. Taking a dig at that programme, the BJP leader wrote ‘Bharat Dekho’. Although the counter reply came from the Congress, a suit of the Prime Minister costs Rs 10 lakh.

The counter demand of Congress

A tweet was posted by the Congress on Twitter taunting the BJP. It is written there, ‘Are you afraid of the crowd of Bharat Joro Yatra? Talk about issues like unemployment, inflation. If we have to talk about clothes, then Modi’s suit costs Rs 10 lakh. The price of glasses is 1.5 lakh rupees. These should not be forgotten.’

Rahul Gandhi's complaint

Rahul Gandhi’s complaint

“There are two ideologies within the country,” Rahul Gandhi said at the Bharat Joro rally. These two ideologies have been fighting for thousands of years. The struggle between these two ideologies will continue in the future. We are following our ideology.’ He complained, ‘BJP has taken control of all institutions. They put their own people everywhere. Pressure is being applied to BJP opponents in various ways. This fight is not easy at all. But we are ready to fight this fight.’

Bharat Joro programme

Bharat Joro programme

Congress has adopted this ‘Bharat Joro’ program with a bird’s eye view of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. However, the Congress has informed that the program has no connection with the Lok Sabha elections. This program has been taken to build the country in one source. In this 150-day program, a target of covering 3570 km has been taken. Several top Congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi participated in this yatra. However, they will not stay in any hotel during the journey. 60 containers have been arranged for them. There are multiple facilities including AC, toilets. This journey is scheduled from Kanyakumari to Jammu and Kashmir. It is said that Congress leaders have to walk 22 to 23 kilometers every day.

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