State of emergency in Washington DC due to illegal immigration

State of emergency in Washington DC due to illegal immigration
State of emergency in Washington DC due to illegal immigration

City Mayor Muriel Bowser declared a ‘state of emergency’ on Thursday, September 8 due to a ‘humanitarian crisis’ in Washington DC, the capital of the United States. The crisis has been exacerbated by the fact that thousands of migrants who have entered the US states of Texas and Arizona illegally through Mexico have been bussed to Washington DC.

Social Security is crumbling and the financial crisis has hit Washington DC. Mayor Bowser asked the Biden administration last July for National Guard and financial support to deal with such a situation. Far from getting a positive response, the White House and the Pentagon rejected that request last week.

In a press conference on September 8, City Mayor Bowser expressed anger at the behavior of the Biden administration, saying that the Republican governors of Texas and Arizona have become overwhelmed by the pressure of thousands of illegal immigrants every day. People are marching into the United States, taking advantage of the flexibility of the Biden administration. In this situation, Democrats are sending busloads of illegal aliens to Washington DC, Chicago and New York City in an attempt to discipline Democrats. New York City Mayor Eric Adams has already asked the White House for help in handling the situation. So far Mayor Adams has not received it. Adams continued to provide accommodation for all the immigrants according to his ability. But Mayor Bowser’s administration is no longer able to afford it. That is why it has been mentioned that a ‘state of emergency’ (public emergency) has been issued through the press conference. This is becoming a national problem.

Note that federal assistance (food stamps, medical care, etc.) for illegal immigrants was suspended during President Trump’s tenure. The DC mayor made the announcement on September 8, the same day the Biden administration lifted that moratorium. He noted that it is absolutely impossible for his city to provide food and housing for a large number of illegal immigrants. The mayor said busloads of 9,400 foreigners have come to DC in a few weeks. Mayor Bowser asked for an immediate donation of $10 million. He mentioned that the Biden administration refused.

An average of more than 6,000 per day during Biden’s tenure, and over 20 million in the past 8 months, have crossed into Texas and Arizona illegally through Mexico. The two state governors have complained that the White House is adopting unlimited silence to resist them. They are suffering under the pressure of millions of illegal immigrants. In response, Democrats have taken steps to send busloads of illegal immigrants to the city. Note that the border was sealed by the Trump administration due to the Corona epidemic. The Biden administration lifted that order last April. Another rule enacted during the Trump era is that illegal immigrants who receive federal assistance cannot get green cards. That directive was also withdrawn on September 8. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas made the announcement on September 8. He said there was no alternative to reversing the inhumane measures of the Trump era to uphold the humane treatment of illegal immigrants and the values ​​of the United States. This measure was also necessary for the overall welfare of legally residing immigrants.

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