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Great news! This time Tata Group will make iPhone in the country, preparations are underway to beat China

Bangla Hunt Desk: The number of iPhone users around the world is increasing day by day. The iPhone 14 series has already been launched after the long wait. iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus have been launched by the company. The interest among customers is high. It is in this situation that another big news has come forward. Which is undoubtedly great news for Indian mobile lovers!

It is known that the iPhone will be made by Tata Group! Basically, Tata Group, the country’s largest industrial conglomerate, is about to join the brigade of iPhone makers. Besides, plans are already in place for a joint venture in India with Apple’s Taiwan-based supplier Wistron Corporation. According to reports, this time the Tata group along with Wistron is also keen to enter this technology field.

Discussion in progress: According to reports, apart from the contract structure for iPhone production, the shareholding issues are yet to be finalized between the two companies. Basically, Tata’s talks with Wistron are at an early stage. However, if all goes according to plan, the Tata Group will manufacture the iPhone in India with Wistron India. Besides, some quarters are also claiming that the Tata group may set up new assembly plants in terms of manufacturing.

It should be noted that the Taiwanese company Wistron and the company Foxconn Technology based in China and India currently work to assemble the iPhone. Already, Apple has increasingly distanced itself from China in iPhone manufacturing due to pandemics like the Corona virus and recent tensions with the US. In this situation, various organizations are now turning to India to reduce their dependence on China. After all, if an Indian company manufactures the iPhone, China’s dominance in electronics manufacturing will face a major challenge.

Meanwhile, Apple is willing to manufacture iPhones in other countries outside of China (particularly in India). Besides, the company also wants to strengthen the supply chain in India. Meanwhile, Tata Group Chairman Natarajan Chandrasekaran has said in the past that the company’s current target will be to increase production of electronics products. It should be noted that Wistron has been assembling iPhones in Karnataka since 2017. In this situation, the tech lovers are looking at when the Tata Group will get involved in the production of iPhone.

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