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Shiva Mandir Sarvajanin Durgotsava Samiti celebrates 86th Matri Bandana with People’s ‘Faith’


First Published Sep 9, 2022, 7:56 PM IST

Rabindranath Tagore himself said ‘Losing faith in people is a sin, I will keep that faith till the end’. By adopting this belief, people move towards the future. This year’s Matri Bandana is part of Shiv Mandir, one of the Puja Committees of South Kolkata, clinging to that belief.

The club committee is highlighting that belief in the 86th year of Shiv Mandir Puja. Puja organizers claim that God is the creator of this mortal life. He is the judge of people’s sin, virtue and justice. In his worship, people want to get close to him, want to hold him close to their chest. Puja goes – Puja comes. It is in this transit that people believe that the Supreme Power exists. Walk the path of life with that faith. People vow, pray and believe that God hears them. In times of trouble, he hopes that God will bring him good times.

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People fought with Corona with this belief. Science won. This world is much healthier today after defeating Corona. A different story of that chakbhanga puja, the preparation of the mother’s call was seen in Shiv Mandir.

For the past three years, the whole world has been plagued by the corona virus. This year the city of Kolkata got a breath of relief. Because in that sense there is no outbreak of corona, people have gained strength in the fight against corona virus by using the vaccine as a tool. The puja organizers want the 2022 Durgotsava to be a place of great harmony, forgetting the pain of loss of the last three years. But of course follow the rules and be careful. But all-round worship of mother will be beneficial. For that purpose, Shiv Mandir’s Universal Durgotsava Samiti is busy preparing for Puja.

Last Updated Sep 9, 2022, 7:56 PM IST

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